Out of Practice

Season 1 Episode 2

We Wanna Hold Your Hand

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 26, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ben is thinking about flying out to Oregon to meet with Naomi about saving his marriage. However, his family is dead set against it, especially Lydia.

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    The second episode of Out of Practice may not have as carefully crafted a storyline as the main one, but the actors are already showing some signs of chemistry, and that is a good thing. You could see that Steven Levitan is behind this show as Oliver's actions in this episode were very Elliot DiMauro (from Just Shoot Me) like with the way he pursued the "Holy Gail."

    The show still has a lot of poor jokes though, and that falls on the writers, not necessarily the cast here.

    I wish this show would have made it to a second season. It deserved one.moreless
  • Ben's issues.

    Ben is upset over his recent break-up with his wife, and the family, in their own wacky way tries to help him cope by keeping him busy and his mind of his troubles.

    Lydia takes charge of the family during Ben's crises to whip him back into shape. But, all hell breaks lose when Ben's solution and brilliant idea, is to get back together with Naomi, which to say, annoys everyone since they hate her and were happy to get rid of her.

    Ben finally realises that it is over between them when he phones her and learn that she was back in town but did not even bother to call him....so working things out was out of the question.

    Overall, not a bad episode, but I still haven't seen the pilot....how about re-airing that.


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    • Lydia: Stewart, this kitchen is a pig-sty. I swear you're as bad as Regina. (Regina enters the room) Oh, darling, how nice to see you

    • Ben: You were only pretending to like her?
      Stewart: We have been pretending to like her for seven years, and, frankly, I'm exhausted.

    • Lydia: I'm sorry to have everyone wake up so early in the morning. (looks at Regina) So early in the morning in fact, some of us dressed in the dark.

    • Stewart: She wants to make a schedule.
      Oliver: How do you know she's gonna write a schedule?
      Stewart: Trust me, I was married to the woman for thirty-three years.
      Oliver: But, I'm thirty-five.
      Stewart: Did I say thirty-three? i meant thirty-five.

    • Ben: I don't care if I have to put my caveman suit on, club her, and drag her back here.
      Oliver: Club her one for me.

    • Ben: I'm a great marriage counselor and I'm going to save my marriage.
      Lydia: Honey, I'm a good cardiologist , but, I'd think twice before giving myself a bypass.

    • Ben: Mom, I don't think I have time to met your divorce lawyer right now.
      Lydia: Why not?
      Ben: Because, according to this napkin, Regina is supposed to be babysitting me right now.

    • (after Lydia names all of Regina's former girl friends)
      Regina: Wow! You remembered them all?
      Lydia: Yes, do you?

    • Stewart: Do you know her?
      Oliver: No, but, I'm about too.
      Stewart: I cherish his moxie.

    • Stewart: How long have you had that thing behind your ear?
      Regina: What thing?
      (Stewart pulls out a coin from the back of her ears)
      Regina: Oh, great, it's magic daddy.

    • Lydia: I remember my first weekend after you father and I divorced. I was lonely... relieved, liberated, disencumbered, but very lonely.

    • Crystal: I guess this is a little awkward, huh?
      Lydia: Oh not at all. Can I offer you something? Some wine? A pole?

    • Crystal: I'm just going to change. ( looks at Stewart) I might need some help with the buckles.
      Regina: Right behind you.
      Lydia: Sit down young lady!
      (Oliver and Gale walk in)
      Oliver: Whats up?
      Gale: Can someone tell me where the potty room is please?
      Regina:I'll show her!
      Lydia: Sit!

    • Lydia: (upon seeing Stewart's new apartment) Smells like something died in here and I think it was the housekeeper.

    • Oliver: I can't do a double shift. He refuses to be cheered up. It's just Naomi, Naomi, Naomi.
      Regina: She left him 3 days ago.
      Oliver: Exactly! Get over it. I took him to shoot some hoops and he still talked about her through the whole game. He made two Puerto Rican guys cry.

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