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Out of the Blue (1979)

ABC (ended 1979)



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Out of the Blue (1979)

Show Summary

An inept angel named Random was sent to Chicago to help a harried aunt deal with her five nieces and nephews, after their parents were taken in a plane crash.

To help with expenses, Aunt Marion accepted Random as a boarder. Unbeknown to her, Random was also an angel with magical powers -- however the children knew his secret. Random would often use his powers to teach the kids little lessons about growing up.

I have read all the rumors about this show. Some people say that it is a spin-off of Happy Days, some people say it's a spin-off of Mork and Mindy, and some people even say it was just a show on it's on that has crossovers with these two shows. The pilot episode which aired on Happy Days aired after the second episode of Out of the Blue because of pre-emption, but it originally was supposed to serve as the pilot. This show lasted for seven episodes plus at least one postponed and un-aired episode (nine counting the pilot on Happy Days).

2nd editor's note. It seems clear the Random character (and the actor) was tested on Happy Days, with the episode being held back until after the series was approved for the new fall season, actually airing more than a week after the first episode of Out of the Blue premiered.

To further gather an audience, the producers added Mork from "Mork and Mindy" to the one hour season premiere. To quote TV Guide from that week, Random was "not the only other-worldly character in view tonight, the opener includes a visit from Mork from Ork (Robin Williams)".

The definition of Spin-off means that the show is produced after the intro in the series that spawned it, not that it is shown after that episode, so this series is clearly a spin-off of "Happy Days".

Spin-off of: Happy Days

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Robin Williams appeared on the first episode of Out of the Blue as a crossover promotion with Mork & Mindy.moreless

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    • where is the dvd for this one???????????????

      This show featured Mork from Mork & Mindy in the first episode. It was seen on sunday nights at 7pm, a hard spot to succeed in, and it indeed failed to catch an audience.

      Not for lack of trying, though. The lead actor became head writer for the Tonight show, so he IS funny! Olivia Barash was a fine actress in many shows and films. The older actors were skilled and the other kids were no worse than other kid actors.

      The scripts were standard stuff, but usually had some unique elements like one episode where the younger twin wanted to be a one of a kind person, so Random turned him into a half dozen types of people of varied ages and genders until the kid decided he preferred sharing his twinned body with his brother after all.

      Perhaps if they had tied it into another show or Mork made more appearances than the pilot, or had a better time period...

      Another show died too early.moreless