Out of the Box

Disney Channel (ended 2003)


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Out of the Box

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"Out Of The Box" is a show about learning and fun. A group of kids and two caregivers named Tony and Vivian build a cool clubhouse out of giant boxes. They all meet there to play games, do arts and crafts, play, sings songs, and give you ideas of things to do at home. They also have lots of fun and learn to get along. Tony and Viv deal with things kids might encounter, like emotions, new members of the family, sickness and death.
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    i love out of the box i watch the goodbye song and the intro. i will not watch anything else. but play house had to get rid of it
  • Out of The Box was probably the best show on Playhouse Disney for a long time! I would watch it every day when i woke up getting ready for Kindergarten. It was and still is the best show ever. It needs to come back on air!!!!moreless

    I think that Out Of the Box should have some petition so we can bring it back to Playhouse Disney, i learned a lot from it and with all of the other new shows on, there's really nothing to learn from them. Bring out of the Box Back on air!!! Your kids and grandkids i bet would watch it everyday, learning arts and craft, imagination, and more. It is the best show ever and for them to cancel it was really dumb, if they aren't going to put it back on air then they need to have a complete DVD set of the episodes, but it should be back on air, no excuses, best show ever, always and forever.moreless
  • A nice show that teaches how to do Arts and Crafts

    When I first heard of this show when I was little, I wasn't interested in it since it was live action and I didn't care much for live action shows back then (aside from 'Adventures in Wonderland') then I saw it on Playhouse Disney when watching other shows I liked on it and I really enjoyed it. It teaches how to do arts and crafts which are more simple to do then the kinds that are tought on 'Zoom'. They made some pretty neat arts and crafts like paint gloves, home made instroments and such. I actually copied some of their arts and crafts when I was young since I really liked doing them. 'Out of the Box' was a very fun little kids' show to watch. I really liked their songs and how they did arts and crafts then played out a story using some of them. This was another good show that I loved on Playhouse Disney as a kid and I would love to see a new show that is like it.moreless
  • out of the box rocked its was fun cool and i love the theme song i allways wanted to be on out of the box the show was great out of out out of box you come to we can bulid house together now wnts it gonnig to be inside out of the box it was great show formoreless

    the show rock it was great for young kids but now all this crap is on best playhouse disney show ever the hots were funny the cast was great you could learn stuff from it other than the doolebops disney to start making shows like this agian it sucks that it does not come on no more my sister and cousins wach rellly stuip kid show they need to wach out of the box it will be on my top ten list of best show ever i love the theme song it was so darn chatche it rocks rock rocks out of the box.moreless
  • iloved it it always made me happy and now i really want to me a house of boxes!

    i loved out of the box it was good and catchy too! and i liked all the kids and i really liked the lil black gurl she was soo cute and funny and the kids would try to do the dances she would do and they would do it horriable!! ha ha!

    and i always wanted to be one the show and do the stuff they did and i wanted to meet tony and vivian they were fun and always happy and could make a instermaent out of anything! but tony was on the little reick reick side if u know wat i mean! (gay) he could fool me if he wasn't!anyway it was fun and again disney kicks off the best shows even stevens and the weekenders! hello!moreless