Out of the Box

Disney Channel (ended 2003)


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  • Season 2
    • The Maiden Quilt
      The Maiden Quilt
      Episode 8

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    • We got the beat
      We got the beat
      Episode 7
      Tony has a metronome in this episode. He slaps his hands on his thighs and his foot on the floor to the beat. Vivian and the kids really like the beat, so they all sing their names in time with the metronome. Dane has a little wodden box and he hits it with a stick, making a "Dane" sound; Tyler strikes a guiro, making a "Tyler" sound; Celine clashes two finger cymbals, making a "Celine" sound; while Vivian shakes two maracas, making a slow and fast "Vivian" sound. Then they sing a song about the different rhythms they can make before making some homemade musical instruments. Next, it's time to sing about the different rhythms in the air. At the end of the show, they play out a new version of the story Hansel and Gretel. This version of the Grimm's fairy tale has a very rhythmical twist to it.moreless
    • Eye Spy
      Eye Spy
      Episode 6
      This episode starts when the kids help Vivian with a puzzle. It takes no time getting those last three or four pieces in. After that, it's time to sing an eye detective song. Then they imagine they are in this picture of an artist who has made an unforgettable face out of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. The cheek is made from a peach, the nose is a corn cob, there's a pear for the chin - You're most likely getting the idea. They say it's a "treat for your eyes". Now, they're ready to make an "over/under around-a-scope", which is made from a long box, mirror paper, and tape. Then, it's time to sing another song before playing out a story. This story is about a super fast hare and a very slow tortoise, who compete in a race. The hare gets lost, starts running in circles, and the tortoise wins.moreless
    • Make em, laugh
      Make em, laugh
      Episode 5
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    • Scrub A Dub
      Scrub A Dub
      Episode 4
      The show begins when Tony and Vivian help three kids clean a very dirty rubber duck. Then, they sing a song about taking a bath. Then, Tony and Vivian help the kids make a sponge duck, a sponge airplane, and a little bath-toy boat. Then, they all sing about how fun it is getting dirty and clean. Finally, they play out a story about three kids in three tubs, before going home.moreless
    • Loving my Child
      Loving my Child
      Episode 3
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    • Feathered Friends
      Vivian starts talking about her bird feeder. When Tony and the kids come inside the clubhouse, Dane tells everyone to make bird sounds, and then they sing a song about bird sounds. Then, they make birds out of paper and feathers, and then they "tweet, tweet, tweet" their way to the window, and they place Vivian's bird feeder outside. Now, it's time to sing a song about flying. Then, they check the bird feeder, but there's no birds. So, they play out a story about an emperor and a royal guard who love singing. The emperor wants a bird that can sing really well, but the only bird she can find is a nightingale. When they've finished the story, they go back to check on the bird feeder, and they watch as two little birds drop by for a bite.moreless
    • The Dentist's Smile
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