Out of the Unknown - Season 2

BBC Two (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • The Prophet
    The Prophet
    Episode 13
    On board a space station in Earth orbit, Robot QT-1 operates the energy beam that focuses the sun's power onto receivers on the planet. Only the highly intelligent cyborg starts to wonder if he should be working for his human creators, or if they should be serving him.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    In the space age future, it's all about the latest gadget you have. Claire Belmont's husband has brought home TN3, a housekeeping robot that looks just like a man and supposedly can function just like a man in all ways. Only she begins to wonder if that really means "in ALL ways".moreless
  • Walk's End
    Walk's End
    Episode 11
    An old woman is persuaded to leave one retirement home to live in another, only to figure out that the new facility's doctor has dubious plans for all of his boarders.
  • Too Many Cooks
    Too Many Cooks
    Episode 10
    Dr. Cook has created a cloning process but has inadvertently cloned himself. This soon becomes something that other people, who are engaged in dangerous secret activities, see as having great potential.
  • The Fastest Draw
    The Fastest Draw
    Episode 9
    A young electronics expert is sent to Mexico to work on his boss's Old West town recreation, complete with a fast-draw town Marshall who shoots with real bullets.
  • Tunnel Under The World
    A man and wife wake up one morning and discover that they have dreamed the same dream: that a massive explosion takes place. Yet they continue on with their lives, only to wake up to that same day again.
  • The Eye
    The Eye
    Episode 7
    In the future, sound and light can be reassembled and viewed, allowing law enforcement to "see" acts of murder and illegality up to fifty years in the past.
  • The World In Silence

    An advanced college teaches its students strictly by computers. Only after a redressing of the system, the students now control the computers and the school.

  • Second Childhood
    Second Childhood
    Episode 5
    As his choice of prize for winning a special television game show, the winner has chosen a rejuvenation process only available to a small group of special people. Only he's not told that there's a huge price to pay for being young again.
  • Level 7
    Level 7
    Episode 4
    After completing his training, a computer technician designated simply as "H" is assigned to his first, and what will ultimately become his final duty: manning the console deep underground that will launch nuclear weapons toward an enemy.
  • Lambda I
    Lambda I
    Episode 3
    Because of post war nuclear fallout on the surface of the earth, travel is now underground and atomic based with special ships. One of those ships has slipped into a theoretical mode which supposedly couldn't be obtained and the lives of a pregnant woman and her child are in jeopardy unless they are reached soon.moreless
  • Frankenstein Mark II
    A man who works for a space research facility suddenly disappears, and his wife gets no help from his coworkers, who deny that anything is wrong.
  • The Machine Stops
    The Machine Stops
    Episode 1
    The society of mankind lives underground sustained by a mechanical system called "The Machine". But not all members of the society are happy about living underground and a young man called Kuno has seen the surface of the planet, and predicts that The Machine will one day break down.