Out of the Wild

Discovery Channel (ended 2011)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The End Is Near
      Episode 8
      The end of the team's journey through the wilds of Venezuela is near, but will all the remaining team members see it through together, or will some of them fall before reaching the finish line?
    • Hope Floats
      Episode 7
      The remaining team members attempt to build a raft strong enough to safely float them down river. A successful hunt is reason for celebration, but their pleasure is fleeting, as their struggle to survive continues.
    • Face First
      Episode 6
      The last five team members continue their struggle to make it out of the wild, but it isn't going to be easy. Nick and Brad are stranded by an unexpected flash flood, while Ryan contemplates throwing in the towel.
    • Butt Out
      Episode 5
      Now in their third week in the wilds of Venezuela, the remaining six team members have a tough nine mile trek through hills, jungle and savanna ahead of them. Once they reach their new camp, the hungry group catches their biggest haul of food yet, but this isn't enough to save yet another team member from having to bow out due to an uncomfortable medical issue.moreless
    • Skin And Bones
      Episode 4
      The team finds shelter in a Pemon Indian hut and Brad goes out for game with some handmade arrows. Sam and Michael are still butting heads, and the group is far from happy. But is the journey coming to an end for two more team members?
    • Quitting Time
      Episode 3
      The team loses its first member, as the wilds of Venezuela become too much for one member to hack. The rest carry on, but reach their new camp just as a severe storm hits, leaving them without shelter. As hunger becomes unbearable, the team must make some difficult decisions, and learn to truly live off the land.moreless
    • 2/24/11
      The team face a new hurdle in their quest for civilization when they become hopelessly lost in the jungles of Venezuela. The seach for food and water continue to be a struggle, but one team member proves himself by handling a dangerous snake, while two others nearly find themselves the hunted while out trying to catch some food.moreless
    • The Lost World
      Episode 1
      Nine ordinary people are given the task of walking out of the uncharted wilderness of Venezuela to find civilization. They are dropped onto Mt Roraima, and must descend into the jungle where they must face hunger, fatigue and inclement weather. Will they all make it, or will hypothermia claim its first victim?moreless
  • Season 1