Out of the Wild

Discovery Channel (ended 2011)


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  • We need more shows like this on TV

    My husband and I often said it would be so cool if they dropped a group of people in the Alaskan wild and see if they made it out alive and well someone did just that .This show is way better than survivor ever could wish to be there are no alliances, back stabbing or any of the such only survival. And the people on this show were not in it for the money they were all volunteers just trying to push their personal limits and they could not have picked a better place to do so. We need more shows like this on TV
  • The females on this show wicked ROCK!...I really wish there were prizes waiting at the end of the journey for all of them based upon what the viewers voted...That would be an excellent idea for future shows as well..

    I hope the show continues all seasons, year round..

    It was so sad to see Dan have to leave. I surely hope he is well and doing okay. Trish is my idol on this series. And then the porcupine stew, oh my gosh, they actually made it taste like pulled pork..Thats the coolest ever ! It was pretty hard to watch some of the segments in the episodes where it shows cleaning and skinning the small game animals. Much of that is kinda gross. But I'm sure that if it were me, and it was a choice between starving and survival, I would eat the same disgusting game. I also wouldnt mind the hunting and the fishing, yet having to find and use items that you have to creatively invent.....that too, is a challenge.
    I totally love this show.