Out of the Wild

Season 1 Episode 1

Stranded In Alaska

Aired Unknown Apr 14, 2009 on Discovery Channel
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Stranded In Alaska
Nine ordinary people put their wilderness skills and determination to the test when they are left in the wilds of Alaska with only a few supplies and basic survival training. Their mission is to find their way back to civilization by themselves, living off the land as they travel. But they soon learn what a difficult task they have set for themselves when they have problems getting enough food to feed them all.moreless

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      • Penny Jo: (deciding to push the button and leave) I feel sorry for you, I really do. I'm probably the only smart one in the bunch.

      • Dan: (as eight of the team share a single mouse) I never thought in my wildest dreams I'd be eating a mouse and savoring the flavor, but you have to do what you have to do to survive.

      • Jake: It's amazing how much time survival takes, I mean, it's from, you know, the minute you're up, 'til the time you go to bed. That's all you're thinking about.

      • Fredric: (after they finally get a fire started) You know, it's like the caveman days. And you have a fire, you want to dance around that bad boy!

      • Penny Jo: Kim, I don't even think she knows she's out here, yet. She'll wake up one day when her make-up's washed off, she'll realize she's out in Alaska.

      • Penny Jo: (after a river crossing) Alaska is mean, and it is rough, uh, the terrain is awful. And those creeks are so beautiful, but damn are they cold! That's the coldest water I have ever felt in my life.

      • Narrator: Alaska is a living, breathing entity that is ready to take you down around every corner. Many have tried and failed in this relentless environment. Only the strong in body and mind survive.

    • NOTES (5)

      • Jake says in his blog on the show that after a very substantial breakfast, the volunteers were all frisked twice to make sure that they weren't sneaking anything beyond their approved equipment onto the bush plane about to take them into the wilds of Alaska.

      • According to an interview with Jake Nodar, before the expedition began the volunteers had almost no interaction- they weren't allowed to have personal conversations, or share meals. Their only interaction came during their three days of survival training classes, and that was kept strictly businesslike. The reason for this was that the producers wanted the volunteers' reactions to the situation and each other to be completely fresh and spontaneous, and not knowing their fellow teammates' personalities made things even more difficult to predict.

      • The items left for the volunteers at the drop-off point were: a large wash tub, 4 small animal pelts, a trapper tent (weighing 45 lbs), a machete, a large iron kettle, an axe head, a basic first aid kit, a large swede saw, 1 pair of crampons, 2 classic survival manuals, an old trapper coffee pot, a small canister coffee, a large sack of flour, used snowshoes, binoculars with 1 lens broken, condoms, tin types, large ammo cases, 1 bear keg, 1 ukulele, 1 roll of plastic-wrapped toilet paper, 25' of hemp rope, a hatchet, a watch, a snow shovel, 1 gallon plastic bag, a gun (.22 rifle), water purifiers, a small camping knife, a wind-up lantern, and 2 unlabeled cans of food.

      • Each participant was only allowed to bring with them were a GPS locator, a sleeping bag, bed roll, a dry bag with three pairs of socks, 1 extra pair of shoes, gloves, a hat, 1 extra jacket, a whistle, 1 can of bear spray, a compass, an awl, rope for Yukon pack, shoulder straps, and 1 personal item of their choice (such as a photo or journal).

      • This series was filmed in September of 2008. The producers chose September because any earlier in the year and fish, game and well as berries would be relatively easy to find. Any later, and the weather would probably have been too punishing on the volunteers.

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