Out of This World

(ended 1991)


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  • Season 4
    • Evie's Eighteen
      Evie's Eighteen
      Episode 24
      Evie celebrates her eighteenth birthday with her mom. Her dad uses a matter transference unit to come as well (it looks like a outline of him with light accenting the outline) This episode ends with Evie’s mom getting transported to Antares when she steps into the unit to turn it off and troy trapped on earth because Donna used it. This is the end of the series.moreless
    • Educating Kyle
      Educating Kyle
      Episode 23
      When Kyle reveals to Evie and Donna that he never graduated from high school, Donna informs him that in order to keep his job as police chief, he must go back to high school to get his diploma. When he does, he accidentally gets Evie in trouble for cheating on her history final when in fact he was the one cheating.moreless
    • Too Late for Evie
      Too Late for Evie
      Episode 22
      Evie breaks her curfew, once again, for the third weekend in a row and Donna gets furious at Evie for making her worry, but Evie just can't understand why her mother worries so much when she stays out late, until one night when Donna goes out, gets locked in Kyle's apartment and doesn’t come home.moreless
    • Evie's Three Promises
      Evie accidentally makes three dates for the same night, but rather than disappointing anyone, Evie decides to juggle her dates by teleporting herself from place to place throughout the night.
    • Stump Your Neighbor
      It's Evie, Kyle, and Mick vs. Donna, Lindsay, and Buzz in a popular game show titled "Stump Your Neighbor", but while Donna and Kyle are fighting to win for their pride, the rest of the gang are just looking to win a new Ferrari.
    • Mayor Evie
      Mayor Evie
      Episode 19
      Evie becomes Donna's new mayor's assistant, but when Donna won't give Evie any responsibility to do the job, Evie gleams herself into Donna to sign a concert permit when Donna is not around to do it herself, but it only causes problems when the citizens of Marlowe don't approve of the performer.moreless
    • All About Evie
      All About Evie
      Episode 18
      A star attitude is born when Lindsay lands the lead in Marlowe High's production of "Romeo & Juliet."
    • Evie Nightingale
      Evie Nightingale
      Episode 17
      Evie and Lindsay sneak into the hospital and pretend to be candy strippers after they discover that their favorite soap star will be staying there, but instead of getting his autograph, they end up getting trouble.
    • Would You Buy a Used Car From This Dude
      Chris decides that he wants to go to school to be a doctor but he just cannot afford it, so gets a job as a car salesperson to help him pay for school, and when Evie discovers that Chris just cannot sell anything, she gleams him into the best car salesperson in the entire place.moreless
    • Heck's Angels
      Heck's Angels
      Episode 15
      Evie volunteers to tutor a 22 year old high school student so that he can get his diploma, but he ends up being a rough, tough, motorcycle biker named "Moose", and when his girlfriend, Velma, finds out that she is spending time with him, she warns Evie to stay away from him....or else.moreless
    • My Mom, and Why I Love Her
      Evie's grandmother sends her a check in the mail, for $200, that is supposed to go toward her college fund, but Evie spends the money on a jacket instead, and in order to keep Donna from finding out that she spent the money instead of putting it in the bank, she enters a contest titled "My Mom and Why I Love Her" to try to win the money back.moreless
    • Evie's Latin Touch
      Evie's Latin Touch
      Episode 13
      Evie decides to take part in the student exchange program and let's a young Latin boy stay with her, and when she discovers that that his whole life is all work and no play, she teaches him to have a little fun by taking him to play baseball.
    • Marlowe Vice
      Marlowe Vice
      Episode 12
      Lindsay decides to be a student officer just to goof off and skip classes and persuades Evie to be her partner in crime. When Lindsay discovers that there is a thief stealing food from the cafeteria, she suddenly becomes serious about her position and tries to catch the culprit, only Evie catches him instead, and the thief ends up being Jeff.moreless
    • Evie's False Alarm
      Evie's False Alarm
      Episode 11
      Donna is conned into buying an alarm system for the house, and when she and Evie realize that it was a fraud, they come up with a plan to try to get their money back.
    • Evie's High Anxiety
      When Chris decides to enter a dance contest with another woman, Evie gleams herself into a fantastic dancer to get Chris back, but because of a gleam intensification, her powers become ten times their normal strength and she becomes so light on her feet that she starts to float in the air.moreless
    • Roomies
      Episode 9
      While Mick is out of town for a week, he allows Evie and Lindsay to stay at his apartment so that they can see what it's like to live together before they go away to college, but only after a few hours alone, the girls start to disagree.
    • Come Fly With Evie
      When Kyle must take a plane to New York for a police convention, Evie discovers that he is afraid to fly, so Donna and Evie create a "fear of flying" program to help Kyle overcome his fear, but when Evie pretends that the are taking off, the house really does take off because of Evie's powers.moreless
    • I Want My Evie TV
      Evie's Uncle Mick has returned home to Marlowe after being on the road with his band, and when Evie discovers that he is a talented guitar player, she asks him to help her make a music video for her school project, but instead Chris takes Evie's music video and submits it to a talent search contest.moreless
    • Best Friends
      Best Friends
      Episode 6
      Donna's old friend, Sandy, is coming to visit, but Donna isn't too thrilled after remembering how Sandy was so much more popular than her and how she took the guy that Donna liked back in high school, and when Evie starts to spend all her time with Sandy, Donna feels that Sandy is now taking away her daughter.moreless
    • Evie's Guardian Angel
      Donna hires Peter to put in new shelves for the kitchen, but while he's there, things start mysteriously disappearing in the house, and on their way home, Donna and Evie catch Peter talking to Troy through the cube and discover that Peter is really an alien from Anterias as well as Evie's guardian angel.moreless
    • A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read
      Donna's television show, "Meet the Mayor", is scheduled to be cancelled after failing to pull in viewers, so the gang put together a telethon to keep the show on the air, and when Evie and Lindsay try to do a mind reading trick for entertainment, the trick doesn't fool anyone, so she asks Troy to give her the power to read minds.moreless
    • Forget Your Troubles
      When Donna is bribed by a man who wants the land in Marlowe that she is giving away, she decides to take him to court to punish him, but when she gets overwhelmed with stress, she wishes that she could just forget about everything for a while, and when Evie tries to help her, she accidentally gives Donna amnesia.moreless
    • My Little Evie
      My Little Evie
      Episode 2
      It is Donna and Troy's anniversary, once again, and this time, Troy decides to do something special for her, so asks Evie to buy a music box, so that he can put a special song in it for Donna, but while attempting to put the song in the music box, he accidentally shrinks Evie.moreless
    • New Kid on the Block
      There is a new guy in town and Evie makes a date with him so she can show him around Marlowe to make him feel welcome, but when Chris comes back to Marlowe, after transferring to "Marlowe Community College,” Evie tries to hide from Chris so that he won't know that she is seeing someone else.moreless
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