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  • Brings back memories of my childhood. One of those few shows I'd consider classic and great for the family.

    I remembered watching this when I was younger and enjoyed it so much. Very family-oriented, a bit cheesy in today's standard but I'd choose that anytime. This was the reason why I love Sabrina the Teenage Witch too. The supernatural aspect of the story got me hooked with the SCIFI theme. I watched this just about the same time I watched EERIE INDIANA. It would be great if they could do a remake, probably change it to Evie being grown up with a daughter or son of her own. She could finally be living in her father's home planet and have sent her son/daughter to live on earth to experience life there. There are just so many possibilities and potential for this one. BRING IT BACK!!!
  • This is my favorite show, ever! I was about 8 years old when this came out, and I'm 28 now. All I know is that I used to love, love, love when this show came on! I am also pretty sure it came on before or after Charles in Charge.

    I have a funny feeling that somebody out there may just be promoting this show to come to DVD! I believe this because Charles in Charge came out Feb.14, 2006 and this show aired around the same time on the *Primetime* schedule (I'm pretty sure) So that leads me to believe this, also because Charles in Charge is just as old. (Also 'Scott Baio was one of the directors). Wouldn't that be great!!! Anyway so this whole ability to freeze time is so great, that is probably why I love the show 'Charmed' so much too. So I just want to say how glad I am that 'Out of this World' has arrived to www.tv.com because I have been waiting forever! Also, anyone who wishes to vote this show on DVD, don't forget to send a request to:

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  • Well named and finally available on DVD!

    I was about 13 when this started and I loved it. I think perhaps this was one of the shows that ignited my love of SciFi shows. I'll have to look on RetroJunk to see if they have anything about it, they are pretty good about having theme song videos of pretty much anything you can think of. If I can scrape together $120 plus shipping, I'll certainly buy this series. It will be a wonderful addition to my large collection of SciFi series. This show was on about the same part of the 80s that Small Wonder was. I don't know why I remember that, I just always thought the shows were somewhat alike both being about girls with powers and hiding them. Of course then there was Ultraman about the kid with super powers and Third Eye about the kids with powers. Seems that it was a common theme.
  • Would you like to swing on a star? carry moon beams home in a jar, and be better off than you are, you could be swinging on a star.....

    This was a fantastic series in the 1980's about a young girl, Evie, who was the daughter of an alien, who had left the planet. Evie was bought up by her mother Donna Garland, and on her 16th birthday Evie finds she has alien powers, with the ability to stop time, and further alien powers developed throughout. The show never got to DVD which is a shame with the recent revival onto DVD the best of the 1980's early 90's. The series ended with a twist when Evie's father Troy was visiting on her 18th birthday and her mom gets locked into a machine Troy used. Fantastic. would love to watch it again
  • I really love this show it is one of my favorites! Although I am very disappointed it is not on dvd like other shows and that it is not offered to be watched on any other channels yet!

    This is a great show I am so glad that they came up with it I had watched just about every single episode that I could I am always telling all my friends about it and some of them don't really know what I am talking about because they have yet to have a chance to see it! Hopefully someone somewhere can pull some strings let's get this show going and out there again , huh? I think that would be great I myself would be willing to give up any other shows that I watch now just so I can watch this one again! Come on now " Full House" has been off the air for quite sometime now too but at least they still play re- run's of there show!
  • funny and i had a big crush on Evie.

    this should be out on dvd and with 100+++ channels cant someone show some re runs? anyway it did get pretty hokey in the last year or two but the first season or tow are classics. i always assumed Maureen would be a huge movie star but shes only had minor success.
  • Girl with superpowers needs uper parents to keep her in place.

    Maybe i am wrong, but most of these average show silly episodes were about how Evie got in all kinds of problems for using her alien given super powers, heh, at least the X-men are a little more responsible with their mutant powers than this girl. There is something i never liked about this show and that is, Evie's mother, i find her too fake and hypocrite., grounding her daughter for not using her magic powers correctly when to me it is her fault to not tell her daughter the truth from the beginning so she might have learned from her childhood to controls those super powers and maybe use them to help peole instead of using them for selfish reasons.
  • Post-Bewitched, Pre-Sabrina Teenage Girl With Magical and Teenage Problems

    You've got a very pretty blonde, blue-eyed girl with special powers but she can't use them to wreak venegance on her cruel classmates. No, I'm not talking about that would-be Wiccan with the big boobs, I'm talking about Evie Garland. Cuter, a bit prettier and funnier, she paved the way for everyone else and was all but forgotten for the effort. Maureen Flannigan had a certain amount of charm and irresistable, dare I say it, magic; she was the Maureen McCormick of the Eighties. Donna Pescow (formerly "Angie," later "Even Stevens")was her cute mom and Joe Alaskey was her enjoyable uncle. His absence from the show was one of the signs of the end. The late Doug McClure played the whimsical town mayor in the series, but as the series went on, he just seemed to get more stupid and annoying, sort of a male Suzanne Somers. The show suffered a lot as the scripts became more contrived, more embellished, and the series ended with an unsatisfactory plotline dangling - a poor end to a once great show. I wish Flannigan much better.
  • Can you say reruns???

    Wow, I miss this show! I used to watch it religiously when I was a kid. I wanted to be Evie sooo bad! Plus, whats better than Steve Burton as a surfer dude! I just can't believe they haven't brought this show back in reruns yet. I'm beginning to think this show is the reason I loved Piper so much on Charmed (since they shared the same power, although Piper's was a bit more intense). This show is definately an all time favorite of mine and thank God for TV.com so that I can relive the memories and magic of this show.
  • I like the special messages this show gives to viewers. Evie is different, part alien, and can't let everybody know about it or feels she can't. She feels she can't fully let herself go and be herself. It lets you appreciate differences in people.

    I love the show, \\\"Out of this World.\\\" I just recently had cable installed in my home, so I am not sure if it\\\'s on cable. I hope it is. If it\\\'s not, it should be. I don\\\'t get why the show isn\\\'t on dvd/vhs to buy yet. I really want it to be! It was one of the best shows I grew up with! It reminds me of good times and I had fun wishing I had powers like Evie. hehehe. I hope this review helps people out there to find sense to get it on dvd/vhs! thanks!
  • She has her mother's smile - and her dad's supernatural ability to stop time. A mildly entertaining show about a teenager who's mother is the mayor and her father is an alien.

    An entertaining show about Evie a teenager who is half- human and half-alien.

    Evie has a happy life, a caring mother and attentive uncle Beano and the ability to stop time. Talk about a kid that has everything!

    Out Of This World started out somewhat strong but in later seasons it faltered considerably. Despite the slight decline the show still provided a decent half-hour of family entertainment.
  • I can remember that the story goes about Evie Garland. Her father is an alien

    This show was on TV when I was about thirteen years old. I liked it very much, and watched is every day. I would be very happy to see the show again, but I do not think it will be on TV in the Netherlands any more. I think that is a shame, but I am very glad that I found this site on the internet. Now I can watch Evie on my computer, I had never thougt of that possibillity. I hope my English is not too bad. Or can ik give my review in Dutch also? That would be al lot easier for me.
  • Out Of This World was very different from most shows. Could you imagine if you were able to freeze time in a split second? That's exactly what this show is about, and little Evie having an alien for a Father who wasn't there in person was tough.

    This was one of my favorite shows and I'd like to see it return to TV.

    There's been show(s) about Superman, Superboy, Flash, Batman, and so on, but there's never been a show about a teenager girl who was half human and half alien who could freeze time.

    Her Father (who's an alien himself) was never around, and communicated to Evie from the planet Anterias. Evie was able to gain three powers during the series. She could pause and un-pause time and gleep objects to existence and could transport herself to one place to another.

    Evie is able to talk to her Father through a crystal type cube.

    Evie is a teenager trying to learn more about herself and her Father. She lives with her Mother in California.

    This is indeed a great show and I miss it very much.
  • Really weird but funny.

    I don't remember alot about this show except the fact that Evie can stop time when she puts her two pointer fingers together. I knew it made me laugh and I do remember it amazingly lasting 4 seasons. In Cincinnati the show aired in syndication on Saturday evenings at 6:30 after Charles In Charge. I liked the show although it's not one my PERSONAL favorites. I think that Steve Burton guy who played Chris is the star of a soap opera. One Life To Live or General Hospital I don't remember which. And Joe Alaskey who played Beano went on to be the voice of Plucky Duck on Tiny Toon Adventures.
  • This show was about a teenage girl who live on Earth her dad was an alien and her mom was from earth. Dad lived on his home planet and she communicated with him by some daimond shape box that lit up that when opened she could speak to her dad.

    This was my favorite show when I was young along with My Secret Identity w/Jerry O'Connell who I still love. :)

    I always thought it was cool how she froze time, and was able to speak to her only through a special device, that let her communicate to him from one planet to another.
  • Evie is a half alien child who can freeze time when she puts her fingers together. Her dad communicates with her through a crystal, a bright glowing crystal. And the mother doesn't like that she's an alien.

    This show has been all but forgotten by the masses although it did have some interesting plot points and it was fairly entertaining. This show - along with \"My Secret Identity\" and \"Small Wonder\" belong in a class of television shows not good enough to be remembered (therrefore they\'ll never be released on DVD) but not bad enough that they have a cult-lik efollowing. They\'re utterly forgettable even given their strong points.
  • remember this show

    remember this show? i have not seen it in year's. it was a second rate show and was syndicated. this is a little known, slightly above average show, which has been forgotten, and will probably never make its way to dvd, because who would buy it? I personally would probably just rent it out of curiosity.