Out of This World - Season 2

(ended 1991)


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Episode Guide

  • Star Dog
    Star Dog
    Episode 24
    Troy contacts Evie after discovering that Anterius has the power to send creatures through outer space, so sends an Anterian dog to show Evie how it works and lets Evie keep him for the weekend.
  • Frisky Business
    Frisky Business
    Episode 23
    After throwing a party in the house while Donna is out, Evie discovers that her mother's clock is missing, so she and Lindsay cater a bridal shower to raise the money to buy a new clock before Donna finds out that it is gone.
  • Whose House Is It, Anyway?
    Kyle accidentally slips on Donna's kitchen floor after she had waxed it and is told by the doctor to stay off his feet for 24 hours. Kyle asks Donna and Evie if they can take care of him for a day, but when he realizes what a great life he is having at the Garland house, he pretends that he is still injured so that he will not have to leave.moreless
  • The Amazing Evie
    The Amazing Evie
    Episode 21
  • Queens for a Day
    Queens for a Day
    Episode 20
    Evie is determined to win the mother/daughter pageant after a school snob, Cissy, brags about how easily she will win, but after Cissy messes up the finale of her and her mother's act, Evie purposely sabotages her and Donna's act so that Cissy and her mother will win.
  • Beano the Kid
    Beano the Kid
    Episode 19
    After Evie finds Beano's old childhood bike in the garage, Beano flashes back and starts to wish that he was a kid again, but when Evie gleams Beano into a ten year old, he not only becomes a child but also a huge annoyance.
  • Futile Attraction
    Futile Attraction
    Episode 18
    Beano feels unattractive when all the women he likes keep rejecting him, so Evie gleams his cologne into a love potion that will attract women everywhere he goes.
  • Two Many Evies
    Two Many Evies
    Episode 17
    While Evie is stuck at home, writing a petition to end school uniforms, she is missing Billy Sullivan's birthday party, so she decides to split herself in two to be at two places at the same time, but doesn't realize that after midnight she can't rejoin herself.
  • Evie Goes to Hollywood
    Evie and the gang decide to go to Hollywood for a vacation, and while Evie and Lindsay go on an adventure to look for Tom Cruise, the rest of the gang have some adventures of their own.
  • Honest Evie
    Honest Evie
    Episode 15
    Evie decides to run for class president, but when she wishes that she had someone experienced in politics to guide her, she accidentally gleans up Abraham Lincoln.
  • The Secret of Evie's Success
    Evie decides to get a job and is hired as a waitress at the "Goodie Goodie", but when she uses her powers to help her on the job and becomes waitress of the month, she causes and old, experienced waitress to lose her job.
  • Evie's Two Dads
    Evie's Two Dads
    Episode 13
    The father/daughter dance is coming up and Evie decides that she doesn't want to take her uncle Beano anymore after realizing that she has a great father, and when a school girl picks on Evie for never bringing her father to the dance, Evie gleaps up a really cool dad to impress everybody.moreless
  • Pupil's Court
    Pupil's Court
    Episode 12
    After Lindsay puts her favorite tape into Evie's stereo, the tape and the stereo both get ruined, and when the girls both refuse to pay each other back for the damages, they take it out in student court.
  • The Incredible Hunk
    The Incredible Hunk
    Episode 11
    A talent agent spots Chris at the "Goodie Goodie" and wants him to pose as a surfing model, but Chris declines, so Evie convinces him to go for it, but when Chris becomes popular with the ladies, Evie realizes that convincing him to go for it was a big mistake.
  • Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
    There's a new boy in town named Elroy who everyone thinks is a nerd, and when Evie feels sorry for him, she accepts his invitation to go to the "Sock Hop" so that he won't feel disliked.
  • Go West, Young Mayor
    Evie, Donna, Beano, and Kyle decide to take a vacation, but on their way, they get lost in a western ghost town and meet two men who claim that they run the town but are really counterfeiters. When Evie, Beano, and Donna find out what they are up to, the counterfeiters kidnap them, and it is up to cowboy Kyle to rescue them.moreless
  • Guess Who's Coming to Earth
    Evie’s grandfather from outer space visits. He wants to take Evie home with him to meet her dad. Will Evie choose to stay?
  • Old Flame
    Old Flame
    Episode 7
    When Donna discovers that her old beau, Rob Jamison, is coming to Marlowe for their class reunion, she invites him over to the house hoping that they can catch up and reminisce on old times, but when Evie catches him kissing her mother, it misleads Evie to believing that her mother no longer loves her father.moreless
  • Princess Evie
    Princess Evie
    Episode 6
    A visiting prince is coming to Marlowe and everyone is anxious to meet him except Evie, until she finds herself attracted to him, but if sweeping Evie off her feet, with his good looks and charm, wasn't enough- the prince asks Evie to marry him.
  • Evie's First Kiss
    Evie's First Kiss
    Episode 5
    It's the night Evie has been waiting for, her first, real date alone with Chris, but when Chris kisses her for the first time, Evie gets the wrong idea and thinks that they are a couple.
  • Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?
    Kyle discovers that, Jim, his old buddy from high school is coming for a visit and Kyle is determined to shape himself up to impress Jim after remembering how Jim always had everything that he didn't, but when Jim gets to the house, Kyle realizes he is handicapped.
  • Career Crunch
    Career Crunch
    Episode 3
    The time has finally come for Donna when she opens up her new catering business called "Donna's Delights", but when Evie accidentally gleaps the cookies for one of Donna's parties into space cookies, that put people to sleep, it is up to Beano to try and get the cookies before anyone eats them.moreless
  • Blast From the Past
  • Evie's Birthday Wish
    It's Evie's 14th Birthday and she isn't too thrilled about the gifts she is getting, until Troy decides to grant Evie four wishes as her birthday gift.