Out There

IFC Premiered Feb 22, 2013 In Season





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  • somewhere "Out There" are many great animated comedies, but this ain't one of them

    When I heard about this new series on was made by some emmy award winning guy who worked on south park I was really excited about this brand new animated comedy, But not once did I laugh at any of the episodes at all and to be completly honest it was like watching a drama rather than an actual comedy as it just wasn't funny whatsoever. I know every show has it's teething problems but this is suppose to be made by someone who worked on south park which is the one of the best animated comedies in the world along with the other greats . the simpsons, family guy etc.. I gave it another chance but I was bored like the last time and for that reason this gets a low score and only gave it a 1.5 rating as the artwork is very beautiful and inspiering unlike the actual program genre, this show is more like "Down There" along with the other bad comedy "Crash Cannoyn", even The Cleveland Show is way better than this and that's saying something.