Out There

(ended 2004)




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Out There

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Filmed in Australia's Kuringai National Park, Out There is a 2 season teen show that follows the lives of a group of oddball teenagers just trying to find where they fit in the world - or maybe just their school. The first season marks the arrival of two foreigners: Aggie Thackery, a nerdy, driven English girl who has arrived in Australia to work with animals. Then there is Reilly Evans, an obnoxious America with good intentions. Both of these teens have been hired as interns in a local veterinary clinic in a small rural town. Joining them are 2 co-stars, Miller McKee, an eccentric guitar playing smart mouth who just wants to be outrageously different and Fiona McDaniel town loner and extreme pet lover. These four become good friends over the year, with Aggie and Reilly living with Vet owners John and Ellen Archer. Many adventures proceed and the end of season 1 sees Reilly leave to go back to America.

As season 2 swings around, Aggie is just starting to enjoy working alone when a new American intern shows up at the Archers, Tom Butler (Cody Kasch). This fast talking, smooth, mysterious boy is hiding something - we can tell that season 2 will have just as many ups and downs...............moreless