Outback Hunters

Sunday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Oct 21, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Man Eaters
      Episode 1
      In the Northern Territory of the Australian Outback, lies 2,000 miles of merciless terrain, known as the Top End. In this hunter vs. hunted frontier, the top of the food chain belongs to the saltwater crocodile. As the dry season begins, hungry crocs are on the move. Only a few brave men dare to battle the horde. "Crocodile Mick" Pitman has lived deep within the bush. His unique set of skills makes him one of the most sought after hunters. Aboriginal hunter Paul Henwood is known as the top tracker in the territory. When a local village is threatened by an aggressive croc, Paul will stop at nothing to catch it. When cattle start disappearing, father and son hunters Nigel and Alec Palmer are put to the test to capture the meat eating crocodile. Wildlife ranger, Tommy Nichols, is after a bold croc. His mission is to trap it before it kills or hurts anyone and Tommy knows first hand the crushing power of a croc s jaws. Tommy lost half of his hand to a crocodile.moreless
    • Bad Moon
      Episode 2
      Week two of the dry season, and the fights are only getting fiercer. Mick is on the hunt for an aggressive 15-footer who is driving younger crocs out of the area, and he has been hired to take the surly beast off the waters. Chopper pilot Mick Burbidge is opening up an aerial front in the battle for the outback. Mick's been hired to use his chopper to drive 50 head of cattle back to market. There's just one obstacle: a river guarded by a hungry 15-foot crocodile. Native hunter Paul Henwood's on a mission for his tribe. His village has being threatened by a croc turf war. And when two animals fight over the same land, men get caught in the crossfire. Nigel's out for revenge on a 14-footer that knocked him overboard last week. But he'll be racing the coastal, which will empty the river out by midnight. Nigel will have just three hours to bring in his croc, or risk getting bottomed out and stranded.moreless
    • Revenge
      Episode 3
      Things heat up two weeks into the dry season as two hunters race to protect local fishermen, a ranger eliminates a dangerous threat, and one hunter undertakes a personal mission. Nigel Palmer and his son Alec set up a sting operation to catch a massive 15-footer that s been threatening fishermen. Meanwhile, Mick Pitman and his driver face a tougher fight against a second troublemaker menacing local anglers. Tommy and his elite croc management team battle a croc that s showing dangerous aggression against Top End's yearly influx of tourists. They track him to a local boat ramp with some rotting boar meat, where the 14-footer fights back fiercely, reminding Tommy of the croc that took half his hand 8 years ago. In Arnhem Land, Karl Goodhand wants to settle a score with the giant black croc that killed his dog. It'll be a fight to the death... But whose?moreless
    • Ghost Croc
      Episode 4
      The fourth week of the dry season brings tough challenges to each team of crocodile hunters. Paul's team hunts for a flesh-eating, ghost croc on his homeland, the Finniss River. They spot their elusive target in the bush, where they lure it out with wallaby meat to kill it. The next day, Paul conducts a ritual to release the spirit of the ghost croc back into the universe. Karl and Eric scout the Victoria River in search of a crocodile that has been feasting on expensive cattle. They spot their target on rough waters but a big fight ensues as they try to reel it in. A 12-foot croc has been captured in one of Tommy and Robbie's traps. The croc fights to get on the boat, prolonging their return. As they head back, their boat hits a sandbar and they are stranded for hours. Mick goes out to the river alone to hunt a dog-killing croc. Trying to steer the boat and hunt at the same time results in Mick crashing into the trees and losing his catch.moreless
    • Outback Hunters
    • Outback Hunters: Outback Hunters (wt) - 6
      Outback Hunters
    • 12/2/12
      It s mid-dry season, and the outback has become a dried-up wasteland. Ranger Tommy Nichols is out to protect the public from an aggressive crocodile that's ventured into a popular fishing area. But with water levels extremely low, Tommy finds himself stuck on a sand bar. Rogue hunter "Crocodile" Mick Pitman is back on the hunt for a second go at a 13 foot dog-killing croc that could fetch him a $1,200 payday. Veteran hunter Nigel Palmer hopes to finally catch a 14 foot cattle-killing croc that outsmarted him over a year ago. With only a small window of opportunity to catch his croc before the tide leaves him stranded, Nigel is forced to take a risk bigger than ever before. Daredevil pilot Mick Burbidge has been hired to muster a herd of buffalo that have been trampling fences on a local rancher's land. He rounds them up, but these aggressive wild animals have other ideas.moreless
    • The Long Road
      Episode 7
      Desperate for a catch, Aboriginal hunter Paul Henwood and his team travel to the far end of the territory, chasing stories of a one-armed croc that's been terrorizing an aboriginal village. As they make their way through the bush, disaster hits. Seasoned hunter Nigel Palmer's son, Alec struggles to master the proper technique for throwing the harpoon. Nigel doubts his son's ability to hold his own within the team, but when the men come face to face with a ferocious croc, Nigel may have no choice but to rely on his rookie son to help catch it. Karl Goodhand has been hired to rid a local ranch of an infestation. Not crocs, but feral pigs. Karl tracks a massive boar through the night, and as it threatens the life of his lead hunting dog, Karl's forced to take matters in his own hands. And in the air, pilot Mick Burbidge attempts to save 15,000 panicked cattle as they flee from a raging brush fire, and into rivers teaming with deadly crocs.moreless
    • Comeback Kings
      Episode 8
      It s week nine of the dry season, and crocodiles continue to creep ever closer to humans. Aboriginal hunter, Paul Henwood, and his team encounter more bad luck while out tracking a dangerous 14 foot croc. Desperate for better fortunes, the men turn to Paul s fellow tribesmen, to conduct an ancient Aboriginal ritual in the hopes of getting back on track. Tommy Nichols battles numerous crocs that have been lurking near recreational boaters. He uses every resource at his disposal, but with thousands of tourists flocking to these waters every day, Tommy s in a race against time. Karl is helping his mate Solomon protect his family from a 12 foot croc that s been threatening their camp. The men decide to bait a trap and, and lure the savage out of hiding. And deep in the bush, veteran hunter, "Crocodile Mick", and his mate Dave, are after a croc that s been stalking children at popular swimming hole.moreless
    • Go Down Fighting
      Episode 9
      With only a week remaining in the season, the men race against time to remove more dangerous crocs. "Crocodile Mick" Pitman, is after a gang of young crocs that have infested a popular swimming hole. He knows that if he doesn t catch the amateur killers now, the public is at risk for an entire year. Nigel Palmer, continues to groom his son Alec to be the outback s next crocodile hunter. But Nigel isn t pleased with Alec s performance, and tempers flare as they come face to face with a 13 foot cattle killing croc. Karl Goodhand, and his mate Solomon, are on a mission to catch a crocodile that s threatening Solomon s family. And as the day continues, it becomes apparent that catching this beast is only the start of their problems. Aboriginal hunter, Paul Henwood, is after a 14 footer, intent on making a local aboriginal village his home for the wet season.moreless
    • The Big One
      Episode 10
      With just a few days left, crocodile hunting is coming to a close in Australia s Northern Territory. Hunters are racing to bring in the area s most dangerous offenders before the rains come. Aboriginal hunter, Paul Henwood, is after an indiscriminate killer; so aggressive it s been attacking anything that moves. But with time running out, Paul must catch this croc or risk the lives of local villagers. "Crocodile" Mick Pitman faces an old foe, known as the Boat-Rocker, notorious for attacking fishing dinghies in the area. Nigel Palmer, has been training his son Alec all season--and when Nigel experiences a serious injury during a run in with a vicious croc, Alec will have to man the harpoon solo for the very first time. Meanwhile, chopper pilot, Mick Burbidge, is on his last cattle muster of the year, racing the clock to move a herd out of the floodplains.moreless