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Outback Jack

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It's Crocodile Dundee meets The Bachelor. A dozen city girls from the USA prepare themselves for a luxurious holiday, only to discover that they're heading for the Outback. Their prize? A fair dinkum Aussie hero named Vadim Dale. Outback Jack starts out as a promising venture for the 12 young romantic hopefuls. Having responded to a casting call looking for beautiful women with an eye for adventure, the contestants expect to spend weeks in a mansion being wooed by an amorous bachelor. With this in mind, they dress appropriately in stunning ball dresses and sky-high stilettos. Upon arriving at the mansion, the twist is revealed. The bachelor is Australian and the competition will be held on his turf. They are then dumped from a charter plane heading over the Australian desert. Outback Jack creates the ultimate test of love as twelve high-maintenance women vie for the affections of a rugged Australian adventurer. The twelve female contestants arrived at a Los Angeles mansion. The girls thought they were to stay at this beautiful home, but were instead whisked away to Australia, unaware of what lies in store. However, the women don't realize until it's too late that to meet Jack, they'll have to parachute into the middle of the untamed Australian Outback! After making it to the ground, they're shocked to discover the potential man of their dreams is not living a life of luxury, but roughing it in one of the world's most unforgiving terrains. Over the course of eight episodes, these pampered women will be put to the test, to see which one of them has the stamina to survive in the Outback and win the affection of their handsome hero. In the program's climatic finale, Vadim Dale had narrowed his original group of twelve high-maintenance city girls to two; Natalie, and Marissa. As Vadim's final selection, Natalie received a diamond necklace valued at $20,000, as well as the opportunity to go on a 30-day, all-expenses-paid European vacation with Vadim.


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    • A bunch of city girls in the outback. It's a great concept, and was pretty entertaining, though it was only 8 weeks.

      It's tough to write this review after only watching the show 2+ years ago, so I'll have to at least tell you about the moments that I can still remember. It's very much like The Bachelor, with a twist. 12 city girls head to Los Angeles, expecting to be welcomed at a mansion, but find out that they're really heading to the sticks...the Australian sticks. Still in their ball gowns, (though the dresses are safely tucked in their jump suits), they jump out of a plane to the destination where their hero, Vadim Dale, is waiting. They're made to do everything imaginable that you know a city girl would hate. The ultimate test is to see which one of these ladies could survive the outback, and of course, who could forget the romance? They must also try to win Vadim's affections. Since this show is more than over, I suppose it's all right to mention the winner. At first I didn't like Natalie at all. When she asked Vadim where the outlets were, I rolled my eyes and laughed. I figured she would be one of the firsts to go. I guess opposites really do attract. I still don't know if she meant that as a joke or if she was really serious. Nevertheless, there's nothing like giggling over prom queens in the woods! A decent show, though it's no surprise that it didn't gain more than one season. There's really no way to do a second season of this show.moreless

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