Season 1 Episode 1

Episode One

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on BBC



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    • Richard Tate: Passengers of CT9. This is President Richard Tate from Forthaven, Carpathia. Many of you won't know why we named our new planet Carpathia. It was to honour the rescue ship that came to pluck survivors out of the freezing seas after the Titanic disaster on Earth. The name reflected the hope we had that our new home would be a similar refuge, providing safety and warmth after a time of great danger. And we've done our best to achieve that in the ten years we've been here. We came to a planet where we weren't even sure if we'd survive the first days. And now our solar engineers have given us energy, our scientists have provided us with food, and our expeditionary teams keep making exciting discoveries about our new home. I know you feel as if you're in the deepest darkness now, but my voice will always be beside you, and the light is such a short distance away. You're not on your own. There are thousands of us down here waiting for you. There is warmth and there is safety on Carpathia.

    • Mitchell Hoban: Did you fall for my wife like everybody else? No, don't tell me, she let you.
      Richard Tate: You're vulgar, as well as stupid.
      Mitchell Hoban: You did, though, didn't you? You couldn't protect your own family so you thought you'd help yourself to mine.
      Richard Tate: Is there anything sadder or more pathetic than a jealous, strutting Conquistador nobody needs?

    • Mitchell Hoban: Do you really believe that human beings can live together in peace? Do you really think we can build a better place for our children?
      (Fleur shoots and kills him.)
      Fleur Morgan: Yes, I do.

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