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  • Excellent show!

    I hope there is more to come--this show is fantastic and deals wonderfully with its attention to what the reality of such a scenario would be like. I particularly enjoyed the life on the other planet as well, being much different than one might expect. This deserves a season 2, 3, 4, and 5.
  • Great Show!

    It seems to me that anyone that doesn't understand what the director has done here, is not in touch with their own humanity. This is by far the best show that involves the relocation of human beings to another planet ever. No flashy spaceships like star trek, but just enough technology to find another planet and how life might be starting from scratch with limited resources. The idea of what we think is fact or fiction on earth may not be the same way on another planet is an eye opener to how narrow minded we as a species really are. The actors did a great job given the resources at hand, the writers were brilliant, given a bigger budget i wonder how great this show could really be, i for one would love to see another season. The plot is set so that season 2 would take off, five stars to anyone involved in the making of this series. Thanks for the great show and hope to see another.
  • Drama Queens invade another planet.

    The men in this show have been drinking estrogen recycle for way too long. The script is babble usually about nothing. The sound track is obnoxious and noisy. The aforementioned sound track exaggerates the tripe drama that unfolds like watching Jello harden. I don't care about any of these characters. I don't care what their problems are. If I was this planet, I'd just scrape these guys off and start over.
  • The more things change...

    This show reminded me of some of the original Star Trek where Cpt Kirk had to give ailens reasons not to destroy the Enterprise. But, it is a story showing that no matter how technologically advanced we become, the human heart stays the same. I think Julius Berger is a role model for the American Republican party.
  • Good show

    I think the show was a good take on what it might be like to colonize another planet. I have watched the first season and was expecting to see a second but I see they cancelled it. someone like Hulu or netflix needs to get all of these shows like this one Kings,Firefly, stargate universe etc to make more episodes they would do well. I think the problem with these shows are not enough advertising or promotion if they were released and promoted they would do well
  • Secrets, lies, power and emotions

    I have read two posts now, just finished watching all 8 episodes today. I believe you are missing the most important points of this show. Before I begin though, I want to say, most people today want action, sex, no plot, no story to tell but high end computer graphic action. You know, people who can fly, jump 20 story buildings, walk on water, ect.

    To me, this show is more then just action and fiction. It indirectly deals with humans and their emotions, lies, dissect, manipulating, and secrets, and unknown answers. If people with open minds give it a chance, this show could teach many issues we deal with on Earth every day. When people get caught up in their emotions, fears, their own secrets, without facts many things can happen. Like this show is trying to portraying, in my humble thinking.

    Sure everyone only seems to want action in movies these days. Sure there are holes in this story. Show me any show today that does not have many holes? But I believe so far this is one of the best fictions about humans going to another plant to start civilization over.

    Sometimes your have to get over some missing detail to see the whole picture. I hope the creator of this show continues to Session 2 with more episodes. It just started getting good!

    I could go into more detail, but most would not read a long thread.

  • Too Dark, No humor

    I'm trying to like this show. I want to like it. But it is too dark and has zero comic relief. It's a dangerous camp on an unknown hostile planet. The human race destroyed itself on Earth and this is another chance, but they brought with them representatives of every evil from Earth. The administrative overlord oppresses everyone with a police state 'for their own good'. The religious scumbag grows his flock and bides his time until he can start crucifying people. The rebels are genetic monsters and outcasts from the outcasts camp. And then each character has some dark weight on their souls. It is emotionally oppressive, so much so that it makes me a little sick by the end of the hour. Everyone goes about with furrowed brows and the weight of humanity's future, the dangers of the present, and their own demons bearing them down. Man, I'm about to puke from the oppressive drama, and I need something light to break it up and clear my pallet! I think that I am going to stop watching this show. It is physically harmful to feel this bad for a whole hour.
  • Pros: Acting & writing. Cons: Hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

    It's not awful, but has a very 'low-budget' look. Fortunately it's balanced with good writing and acting. As long as this is kept as a mini-series and not dragged on, it could be quite enjoyable. During episode 1 I kept rewinding as I had the perception I was missing a lot of dialog, however, it's all explained in episode 2. Why? Not sure, doesn't add to the story, but at least it all gets explained.

    You do have to look the other way when it comes to little details. If you're uprooting to travel across space to start populating a new planet, I wouldn't think lipstick, makeup, and hair styling products would be something to use precious rocket fuel to transport, yet the female characters seem to have an endless supply of it. Even the male clones living in the dessert have taken time to make their hair spikey with mousse ;)

    Even the clothing is wrong. For deep space attire, it sure looks a lot like casual Friday at the office. Button-down shirts for the men? I guess when they figured out how to produce food, they moved on to button factories? It lacks the gritty realism one might expect when visually telling a story like this. Perhaps uniforms, with some of the characters having modified them to attempt individuality. The linen, pocketless, blazer worn worn by the female security director in one of the early scenes serves no functional purpose and will have you wondering how they iron all those clothes, or replace the buttons :)

    Attention-to-detail aside, it is a good story and well acted. If they attempt to drag it out over more than 1 series, it's a lost cause...