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  • Pros: Acting & writing. Cons: Hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

    It's not awful, but has a very 'low-budget' look. Fortunately it's balanced with good writing and acting. As long as this is kept as a mini-series and not dragged on, it could be quite enjoyable. During episode 1 I kept rewinding as I had the perception I was missing a lot of dialog, however, it's all explained in episode 2. Why? Not sure, doesn't add to the story, but at least it all gets explained.

    You do have to look the other way when it comes to little details. If you're uprooting to travel across space to start populating a new planet, I wouldn't think lipstick, makeup, and hair styling products would be something to use precious rocket fuel to transport, yet the female characters seem to have an endless supply of it. Even the male clones living in the dessert have taken time to make their hair spikey with mousse ;)

    Even the clothing is wrong. For deep space attire, it sure looks a lot like casual Friday at the office. Button-down shirts for the men? I guess when they figured out how to produce food, they moved on to button factories? It lacks the gritty realism one might expect when visually telling a story like this. Perhaps uniforms, with some of the characters having modified them to attempt individuality. The linen, pocketless, blazer worn worn by the female security director in one of the early scenes serves no functional purpose and will have you wondering how they iron all those clothes, or replace the buttons :)

    Attention-to-detail aside, it is a good story and well acted. If they attempt to drag it out over more than 1 series, it's a lost cause...