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  • Secrets, lies, power and emotions

    I have read two posts now, just finished watching all 8 episodes today. I believe you are missing the most important points of this show. Before I begin though, I want to say, most people today want action, sex, no plot, no story to tell but high end computer graphic action. You know, people who can fly, jump 20 story buildings, walk on water, ect.

    To me, this show is more then just action and fiction. It indirectly deals with humans and their emotions, lies, dissect, manipulating, and secrets, and unknown answers. If people with open minds give it a chance, this show could teach many issues we deal with on Earth every day. When people get caught up in their emotions, fears, their own secrets, without facts many things can happen. Like this show is trying to portraying, in my humble thinking.

    Sure everyone only seems to want action in movies these days. Sure there are holes in this story. Show me any show today that does not have many holes? But I believe so far this is one of the best fictions about humans going to another plant to start civilization over.

    Sometimes your have to get over some missing detail to see the whole picture. I hope the creator of this show continues to Session 2 with more episodes. It just started getting good!

    I could go into more detail, but most would not read a long thread.