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Season 2 : Episode 4

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Ronald D. Moore's "Outlander" is based on the bestseller book series by Diana Gabaldon. The show follows the story of World War II nurse, Claire Randall who inadvertently time travels to 18th century war-torn Scotland. There she meets young Jamie Fraser, a man who will change her life forever.


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    Outlander "Not in Scotland Anymore" Review: Scots Among Fops

    Jamie and Claire Fraser make their way to the Court of Versailles.


    Outlander Season 2 Premiere "Through a Glass, Darkly" Review: Love Is a Battlefield

    Outlander's second season premiere may have shocked readers of the books, but the reveal that Jaime has been pumping serious iron even more so.

  • Sam Heughan

    Sam Heughan

    Jamie Fraser

    Caitriona Balfe

    Caitriona Balfe

    Claire Randall

    Graham McTavish

    Graham McTavish

    Dougal MacKenzie

    Lotte Verbeek

    Lotte Verbeek

    Geillis Duncan

    Laura Donnelly

    Laura Donnelly

    Jenny Fraser Murray

    Tobias Menzies

    Tobias Menzies

    Frank / Jonathan Randall

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    • This title is smarter than Claire.

      For a person coming from the future, Claire is pretty stupid.
    • This show went off the rails and down the embankment and into the sewer!!

      The writer's of this show lost their collective mind's. They took a show that was barley entertaining with the repeated plot of the land lady lost in time doing stupid crap. She would constantly do something to put everybody's life at risk, time and time again. Then the show went to hell in a hand basket, ending the season with a man getting raped as the highlight of the series. That sicken me and i'm sure others would watched the preceding episodes. It's apparent TV is going to the dogs, by way of the sewer. Please stop assaulting viewers with this crap and just provide decent good entertainment.moreless
    • Politics?


      Why would the Prime minister of a country discus a historical costume drama, that is barely clinging to any actual events save plot references to the era? What is it I can't see? Is the Union based on such feeble foundations, all the crap about shared value and history, so unsound that a Hollywood fluff piece with heaving bodices and dashing young men can topple the United Kingdom? No then why even mention it at all, this is bugging me, come on don't tell me it has political significance?

      The email, sent from Sony vice president Keith Weaver to chief executive Michael Lynton and other senior Sony figures, said: "From a SPE [Sony Pictures Entertainment] perspective, your meeting with Prime Minister Cameron on Monday will likely focus on our overall investment in the UK with special emphasis on the jobs created by [ITV show] TOMMY COOPER , the importance of OUTLANDER particularly vis--vis the political issues in the UK as Scotland contemplates detachment this

      Heads of agreement for meetings are common place, in fact essential, so in arranging the meeting who from Whitehall briefed Sony on items to be discussed?

      Why a drama series filmed in Scotland, supporting 2200 Scottish jobs and paid for in tax breaks by you and I is not available for general viewing? A statement from the UK Treasury said it will "leave a studio legacy" when the filming of the series ends, not a pip about artistic legacy!

      So we help fund it why the hell can't we see it!

      Honestly I believe there is much more to this, they ban the tartan, they ban the language and customs of a people to subjugate them!

      Now some 200 years later they ban a bodice ripper, Why?

    • Casting...

      Casting lacks chemistry! Has anyone noticed that there are no sparks flying between the leeds, as there should be for such star crossed lovers? Unfortunately as much as I loved the books and was thrilled when the show came on, I just can't stay tuned: it took me three days to watch one episode through! What a shame because both main actors are good and pretty.... Story is great, locations perfect, the bad guy is evil as he should be . Everything is perfect and still I won't watch it anymore!moreless
    • A blokes point of view

      What a great series....

      For those that have complained about the sex scenes and particularly the gay sex, have you actually read all of the Outlander books and spin offs? I have and there is heaps of sex (gay and heterosexuall) in them so one would expect the television series, if sticking to the original story, to follow suit...

      I look forward to many more seasons of this wonderful series...


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