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Season 1 : Episode 13

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Show Summary

Ronald D. Moore's "Outlander" is based on the bestseller book series by Diana Gabaldon. The show follows the story of World War II nurse, Claire Randall who inadvertently time travels to 18th century war-torn Scotland. There she meets young Jamie Fraser, a man who will change her life forever.

Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan

Jamie Fraser

Caitriona Balfe

Caitriona Balfe

Claire Randall

Graham McTavish

Graham McTavish

Dougal MacKenzie

Laura Donnelly

Laura Donnelly

Jenny Fraser Murray

Tobias Menzies

Tobias Menzies

Frank / Jonathan Randall

Lotte Verbeek

Lotte Verbeek

Gellis Duncan

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  • Great Story Idea - BUT.....

    Too much time spent on nudity, fornicating, etc. Basically, a porn show. Enjoyed the books but have had to turn off the show because the story is focused on SEX and not the actual story!
  • An attempt at an objective 7.0 review

    It's an attempt because though I know a sizeable number of tv shows, I am no expert and I wish I could read the an expert's review.

    On the other hand, I do understand WHY there is no expert opinion here (as far as I can see). Frankly speaking, there are too many 9.0 rated shows out there to waste time watching this 7.0 show.

    Especially when comparing it with Game of Thrones, which is an inevitable comparison given both shows are somewhat in the same category.

    So here are the positives aspects of this show :

    - it's a clever mix of espionage, historical drama, fantasy and romance

    - it is NOT FILLED with gratuitous nudity and violence. Yes, boring episode 7 comes to mind but compared to having tits showing several times per episode like GoT, Outlander is far more mindful on that regard.

    Now, for the negative aspects :

    - if you've read the books and hated it, don't watch the show. It's basically a watered down version of the book. I have to tip my hat here to GoT writers and showrunners who see the screen adaptation as an new opportunity to tell a similar story instead of simply creating a visual adaptation of the book. It's TV, no matter what you do and how much you would want to stick to the literary version YOU CAN'T.

    It's not feasible due to the nature of the media itself.

    - The characters are far more realistic in GoT. You have to admit that Claire is annoyingly naive all the time and Jamie a virgin. Yet NOBODY is just that. I realize that this flaw is inherited from the source material itself BUT that's exactly my point : here would have been a great opportunity in turning Claire into a much more multifaceted woman instead of a naive, inconsistent shell. Inconsistent because, for a WWII military nurse, she is awfully naive! WWII wasn't a pretty war, you know.


    I do think that the show has potential (hence the 7.0).

    - it's a nice idea/concept. Especially the mix of espionage and historical drama. For the romance a world introducing a bounty of strong female 100, Game of Thrones and The Good Wife are far better bets.

    -This FIRST SEASON is comprised of 16 EPISODES. So if you quit watching already, I don't think you have a clear picture of the show.

    - My favorite episode is episode 9 (the latest so far) because we finally see understandable reactions to Claire's carelessness. Until now, I was led to believe Scots were tortured angels, gracious enough to feed, clothe and protect a bizarre English woman who lies to them all the time.moreless
  • Interesting idea but boring show

    I heard that the book this show was based on was good, so I started watching the show. It is just a boring show with decent production values. The acting is decent, but I am not really interested enough to see what happens to the main characters. I stopped watching after a few episodes and read the book. While not a great book, it is more engaging than this show.
  • One of the best series ever

    Can't wait for second season !
  • OUTside the Window, Door & Stone

    I've seen this show compared to Game of Thrones and I thought what? Maybe they're slighty in the same genres and the lead guy (Jamie haha) has apparently auditioned 7xs for roles on GoT including Renly, Loras and members of the Night's Watch. Which is funny because before I knew that and watching the wedding episode, I was saying to myself gosh this guy looks like Loras/ would've made a great Loras. Anyway I devoured all eight aired episodes in a day. I love period dramas. I love the slight fantastical elements. Yes for strong, smart & cunning female leads. The lead guy is just dashing and I love the shade of red his hair is. There wasn't an overload of sex nor did I think any of it was gratuitous, I thought it was very tasteful & well shot. This story is clearly for a mature audience not horny teenage boys or stuffy old prudes. As for the violence, the only bit that was quite severe for me was when our main guy was scourged in the town square by Edmure Tully. I didn't think the story moved too slow either, sometimes it's really nice just to have two characters in a room talking, esp when they're going back & forth in an exchange of wits & words. I wonder if Claire's narration of certain events are just that or if she's keeping a record of her adventures somewhere. I for one cannot wait til the second half of season 1 returns and very much glad that its already been given a season 2! Only thing is it returns in April smh just like GoT.

    PS- This show is visually stunning! Like idk where they shoot (I could just wiki it duh) but I would live there. And the politics are hardcore. Honestly Outlander has a nice touch of everything which is great, obvs ;-)moreless
  • OH, BABY!

    Outlander "The Watch" Review: I Got Your Back

    The tension was unrelenting in "The Watch," as an old enemy returned and Jenny went into labor.


    Outlander "Lallybroch" Review: Laird and Lady

    Spending some time with Jamie's sister allowed us, and Claire, to see a new side of him as he made some major emotional progress.

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