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Fans of Diana Gabaldon from all around the world waited over 20 years to see the tv adaptation of Outlander series. This day has finally come. And I'm very happy to say all my hopes were fulfilled. "Sassenach" was a masterpiece, a love letter to Claire and Jamie story. If I were to give each episode a score (which I won't cause I will love every one of them) I would give the pilot probably 11 out of 10 points.

As many of you I have read the books and I know what will happen next. However, there are people here who don't know Claire and Jamie's advantures yet. So I have a big favour to ask - please don't put spoilers in the comments. Thank you.

1. Claire and Jamie

Caitriona Balfe is just gorgeous. She did a great work showing us how strong and interesting character Claire is. She looks and feels exactly how I imagined Claire while I was reading the books.

The same goes for Sam Heughan. He's my Jamie. And I don't care he supposed to be 23 years old when the story begins. Team Clamie for life!

2. Frank / Black Jack

It's amazing how they're changing the looks of Tobias Menzies. As a Frank he's this handsome ex-SOE man who you would love to invite to your bedroom so he can check springs in your mattress. However, as Black Jack he looks like a monster and you can at once totally believe he is a sadist and a rapist. Great work art / make up department!

3. Dougal

I love Graham McTavish ever since he played Dwalin in The Hobbit. However, I always imagined Dougal to be younger. Still he has fantastic accent.

4. Credits and the music

In times when tv shows cut credits and theme songs off (I'm looking at you Covert Affairs...) Outlander is doing the totally opposit thing. "The Skye Boat Song" performed by Raya Yarbrough and Bear McCreary gives me the shivers every time I hear it. Bear McCreary once again (among others he also composed the music for BSG, Caprica and TSCC) showed he's a genius. Outlander has amazing music. I especially loved the bagpipes part when redcoats were shooting at Claire. I can't wait to buy Season 1 sound-track.

5. Costumes

The clansmen looked awesome in kilts and plaids - that's no-brainer. However, I also loved Claire's 1945s clothes - especially her navy blue trench coat.

One thing that bothers me is that within serval dozen seconds Claire's white dress turned into rags. That belt had to be very cheap cause it completely disintegrated during Claire's fall.

6. Sexy times

Smootches are a big part of the books. However, due to time limitation we won't see as many of them in the show. We have to accept it. Still from what I've seen so far I think we'll be ok. I loved the scene in ruins of Castle Leoch. It was short, but very sensual.

7. The New Stuff

I really liked the WW II scenes and Uncle Lamb's part. In books Claire tells us about them but now we can actually see them - yay! Also comparison of time travel to the car accident really worked for me.

8. Claire's voice-over

The books (for the most part) are written in the first person. I'm very happy the show follows this fashion - especially cause Caitriona has such a lovely voice.

9. Visuals

Scotland in the show is played by RL Scotland - so no wonder then everything looks so beautiful. I really liked that we've seen Castle Leoch both in state of a ruin and in it's full glory (even if Claire and Frank have never been there in the book - or at least I don't remember that part).

10. Favorite moment of the episode

I loved every single scene in pilot, but my favorite moment was the ceremony at Craigh na Dun. It was really beautiful.

11. Plot

The first half of the premiere was a bit slow (just like the first few chapters of the book). However IMO the writers did a good job showing Claire and Frank love and Claire's past. Also a fair warning – if the attempted rape scene made you feel very uncomfortable and you try to avoid watching such stuff – then perhaps this show is not for you. Outlander is VERY naturalistic in its XVIII century’s description. Violence was part of it – and will be a part of the series. In other words this show is for adults only.

Right now Outlander saga consists of 8 books - so I hope we will get at least 8 seasons - make it happen Starz!

If you read the books - are you satisfied with the outcome? Was "Sassenach" everything you wanted?

If you didn't read the books - did you like the pilot? What do you think about Claire, Jamie and Frank?

Will you watch the next episode? Share your thoughts!

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