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"New Friends"

First of all - I have to say I'm very happy we will get season 2. Hopefully, we're here for the long ride. Cancelling the show anywhere after the beginning of book 2 would be a terrible thing.

Now let's talk about this week's episode.

1. Mrs. Fitzgibbons

So here is the first new addition to the cast - the head housekeeper of Castle Leoch, Mrs. Glenna Fitzgibbons. She's played by lovely Annette Badland. If you want some cold porridge or used, but still good clothes - Glenna is your girl.
I think the scene in which Mrs. Fitzgibbons was helping Claire to dress was my favorite in the whole episode. Putting all this stuff on required a lot of work. Although I love Claire's new dresses - I'm glad nowadays women have less trouble with their wardrobe each morning.
Also Claire had to say goodbye to her bra and panties - since such luxuries were unknown in XVIII century. OBGYNs say the more ventilation the better - but somehow I'm not convinced. Oh well, I guess Claire will have to get used to going commando from now on.
2. Geillis

Time to meet the local witch / abortionist - Geillis Duncan, played by goregeous Lotte Verbeek. She has amazing accent. No wonder Claire quickly befriends her. And it's a good thing because without Geillis' guidance Claire would feel in Castle Leoch like a lost puppy. I like that Geillis doesn't waste time - she quickly showed Claire the flowers that can bring your flux, you know just in case. Geillis invited Claire to her home - so it's possible that next week we'll see the witches' hut.
3. Things get dark

In the premier's review I warned you all that Outlander can be pretty dark. And this week we got a proof of it. Poor Jenny :( I'm just glad they didn't show the rape itself.
Also we got a first look of Jamie's scarred back. That's why he usually wears shirts.
Claire found out that Jamie is an outlaw and the Red Coats are looking for him. And yet as long as Claire is with Jamie she's safe in Castle Leoch. If I were on Claire's place I would tie myself to Jamie - not just for safety reasons :)
4. Colum

At the dinner we met the Chieftain of Clan MacKenzie and the Laird of Castle Leoch, Colum (who is played by Gary Lewis). Colum suffers from Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome. I knew from the books that his legs are deformed - but seeing them on my own eyes was still a bit of shock. Claire assumed that wee Hamish was Dougal's son - and any warm feelings Letitia might have for her were lost forever. Scots are cunning - they will interrogate you even during meals. Also it's worth mentioning that Claire can't hold her liquor.
5. The Stable Boy

We found out that Jamie is a local Horse Whisperer - who knows Tom Booker might be his distant descendant :P Anyways Claire brought Jamie a lunch and they had their (sort of) first date. Caitriona and Sam have really a great chemistry. It was a lovely scene till Old Alec spoiled all the fun. Ehhh - I hate that guy!
6. A beating

Jamie is a Scottish equivalent of a Knight in Shining Armor - so he naturally stood up for Laoghaire (I wouldn't expect anything less from him) and suffered the punishment that was intended for her. Angus wasn't happy about trashing poor Jamie - but he had no choice in the matter. The justice (?) had to be served. At least Claire tended to Jamie's wound later.
For a moment it seemed like Claire would leave both Jamie and Castle Leoch. Fortunately for us Colum is Team Clamie (or he just thinks Claire is a spy) - so he forced her to stay and become the new local healer. I loved the scene in which Claire realized she and Frank were naughty in her own workroom. Talk about workplace hygiene.
In comparison to the book there were a few slight differences - for example in the book it was Mrs. Fitzgibbons who translated for Claire during Laoghaire thing and not Geillis (Geillis and Claire haven't yet met at that time I believe). Also some stuff happened in different order. However, it's nothing to fuss about. After all this is tv series - and in order to adapt source material they have to make some changes. I was glad with the outcome and I really enjoyed episode 2.
So did you like "Castle Leoch"? Are you looking forward to more Claire and Jamie? What did you think about Gellis? Share your thoughts!
Also please - no spoilers in the comments :)

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