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"The Exorcist"

We really need to talk gals and guys. "The Way Out" is the most controversial episode of Outlander yet!

1. The first 5 minutes

"The Way Out" started from a nice WWII flashback. Claire was going to the front and Frank came with her to the station. It was clear Frank didn't want to part with his wife. He wanted to use his influence in the army so Claire could stay home. However, our brave protagonist didn't want to hear about it. This scene wasn't in the book. I like when the writers show us tidbits of Claire's pre-Outlander life. Thanks to them we can see Claire and Frank are clearly in love and it's no wonder Cliare wants to go back to her husband.

What happened next was first of two WTF?! moments in this episode (and in the whole series). Suddenly out of the blue Claire told Mrs. Fitzgibbons that she is from the future! What?! Why?! How?! I couldn't believe my eyes and ears what was happening. I was thinking "Ronald D. Moore - what the hell are you doing?!!" Fortunately, it turned out it was only a figment of Claire's (and the writers') imagination. I have to say for a moment I was really scared for show's fate. Please don't toy with my emotions like that!

Annette was fantastic in that scene and she totally stole it from Caitriona. Speaking of Mrs. Fitzgibbons - in the tv show she has much greater role then in the book. Which is great cause Annette is clearly in her element.

2. Father Bain

Let me introduce you to Cranesmuir's local priest and demon hunter, Father Bain (who is played by Tim McInnerny) His appearance was my second WTF?! moment of this episode. You see, I like when the writers ADD things to the show to explain stuff or give us a broader view on something. However, I HATE when they CHANGE things. This whole exorcism / black kirk stuff didn't happen in the book. In the source material Claire meets Father Bain in totally different circumstances (the dogs are involved). And it's not as evident that Father Bain becomes Claire's mortal enemy.

The only reason I see for this change was to give Annette more screen time. If you read the book - what do you think about this whole situation? Are you irked they changed stuff or you don't mind? Am I overreacting?

3. Laoghaire

Time to properly meet Laoghaire (who is played by Nell Hudson). Last week Jamie saved her from whipping. And now she clearly has hots for him (to be honest - I can't really blame her for that). She wants Jamie all for herself. Since I'm Team Clamie - I hate that chit. Mark my words - she's bad news.

4. Angus

Remember that guy who was following Claire like a shadow on Dougal's orders? This week he was replaced by Angus. He looked very tired. And no wonder - Claire is a busy bee and she's walking all the time. Angus' got the worst job ever. I really feel sorry for him.

5. Witches' hut

This week we visited Casa del Duncan aka The Witches' Hut. I have to say Geilie has a very nice house. Since she's a witch she has many books, potions and comfy looking couch. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a black cat. Instead she has a husband, named Arthur (who is played by John Sessions) From the look of it Arthur is at least twice as old as Geilie. He also suffers from winds. The idea of Geilie and Arthur sharing a bed really creeps me out. Geilie clearly married Arthur for the money (Arthur is the Procurator Fiscal - meaning he's loaded)

Geilie has trully fantastic hair (I'm SO fraking jealous!). However, there Can Be Only One Redhead to Rule Them All. So the question is - who should it be?


or Geilie?


6. Barbarity

Last week we had rape. This time some savages nailed an under-age thief to a pillory by a freaking EAR! Sure they could have cut out his hand - so he got off easy. Still it was a horrible and inhuman punishment. Fortunately, our protagonists saved the boy.

7. Gwyllyn the Welsh

So Jamie took Claire to a folk concert. Unfortunately, Laoghaire was also there - so the date was an epic fail. However, Claire found out that there were other time travelers before her - and that it's possible to return to her own time. So it wasn't a totally waste of time.

Till this episode the writers weren't changing stuff. I really hope it was one time thing (or at least that it won't be happening often) So did you like "The Way Out?" Do you hate Laoghaire and Father Bain? Share your thoughts!

Also just to be clear - Geilie is a short for Geillis.
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