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"The Great Escape"

Claire carefuly planed her escape. She marked the trees, poisoned the escort and secured herself a horse. Everything was fine till she met a big red head obstacle she just couldn't bypass. Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

Much has happened in this episode - and I can't wait to talk about it with you folks. Unfortunately, this week official photos are mainly from the oath ceremony. So you will have to use your imagination.

1. Field hockey

Many Canadians have Scottish ancestors. It makes perfect sense cause clansmen apparently love (field) hockey. And no wonder - its winter version is the best team sport in the world. McKenzies like to play rough. And since they don't hire referees - no holds barred. The match was very entertaining to watch. Jamie throwing Dougal on the ground was the best moment of the episode.

2. The hunt

As we know from Game of Thrones hunting is a dangerous business. Unfortunately, poor Geordie paid the ultimate price. The scene in which he died in Dougal's arms was heart breaking.

Also Dougal saved Claire's life. He had to do it if he wants to molest her more.

3. Do you require my services? Are you sure, you don't?

Geilie was very nosy this week. She wanted to know if Claire was preggers. I guess the abortion business isn't going too well and Geilie needs money. I think she should invest in advertising - maybe make some promotion like every third abortion is for free or something?

4. The Main Social Event of the Season

So all McKenzies came to Castle Leoch to pledge their allegiance to Colum. Everyone was very elegant. Mrs. Fitzgibbons dressed Claire in a beautiful gown. She looked gorgeous.

Seriously look at them! McKenzies are loaded. How many of them have their own mansions / castles?

The oath taking was very unhygienic. First of all you had to kneel on hard stone floor (poor Scottish knees!). And then you had to kiss a blade (you can count yourself lucky if you don't cut yourself in the process) and drink wine from an unclean bowl. No wonder XVIII century Scots often died in young age. This whole thing has hepatitis written all over it.

Many people say that Outlander shows Red Coats in a bad light. That's true. However, this week we found out that drunken Scots are as eager to molest and rape women as their southern neighbors. Dougal chased out the clansmen just so he could have his own way with Claire. Luckily our protagonist managed to knock him down.

Jamie is very cunning. Colum & Dougal wanted him to swear an oath to clan McKenzie. Fortunately he found a way to walk out of it without making 200 new enemies. Good for him.

Have you ever wondered why there is a price on Jamie's head?

That's why!

Also the next episode should be very interesting!

So there you have it - that was episode 4. And since it was episode 4 - it's time to ask the question:


Did you like "The Gathering?" Share your thoughts!

Also Claire gave Laoghaire a horse dung to "attract" Jamie. Do you think it will work or quite the opposite?
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