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Sep 14, 2014
Outlander S01E06 "The Garrison Commander" Review
"WTF, Ronald D. Moore??!!"

Gals and Lads - I have to be honest with you. I didn't like "The Garrison Commander" (and that's the first for Outlander's episode). When Ronald D. Moore announced that he's making tv version of Outlander - he promised that the show will closely ...Read more
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Sep 08, 2014
Outlander S01E05 "Rent" Review

1. Bandits and Patriots

"Rent" was the second most important episode of Outlander (the most important being the pilot) till this date. The show finally introduced the Jacobite plot. We were led to believe that Dougal took Jamie and Claire for a rent collecting trip. However, the true purpose of escapade was raising money for the Stuart's army (Jamie's poor back played major role in Dougal's plan). Here is the thing - Jacobite Rising of 1745 ended at the Battle of Culloden. Scots were massacred - many of them have never left the battlefield. These who survived were either executed or imprisoned and later exiled to The Colonies. For Scotland the Rising was a true catastrophe. The Battle of Culloden marked the end of Scottish Clans and Scotland lost any remaining autonomy.

No wonder Claire tried to warn Dougal & Co - she knows that if her companions support the ...Read more
Aug 31, 2014
Outlander S01E04 "The Gathering" Review
"The Great Escape"

Claire carefuly planed her escape. She marked the trees, poisoned the escort and secured herself a horse. Everything was fine till she met a big red head obstacle she just couldn't bypass. Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

Much has happened in this episode - and I can't wait to talk about it with you folks. Unfortunately, this week official photos are mainly from the oath ceremony. So you will have to use your imagination.

1. Field hockey

Many Canadians have Scottish ancestors. It makes perfect sense cause clansmen apparently love (field) hockey. And no wonder - its winter version is the best team sport in the world. McKenzies like to play rough. And since they don't hire referees - no holds barred. The match was very entertaining to watch. Jamie throwing Dougal on the ground was the best moment of the episode.

2. The ...Read more
Aug 24, 2014
Outlander S01E03 "The Way Out" Review

"The Exorcist"

We really need to talk gals and guys. "The Way Out" is the most controversial episode of Outlander yet!

1. The first 5 minutes

"The Way Out" started from a nice WWII flashback. Claire was going to the front and Frank came with her to the station. It ...
Read more
Aug 17, 2014
Outlander S01E02 "Castle Leoch" Review
"New Friends"

First of all - I have to say I'm very happy we will get season 2. Hopefully, we're here for the long ride. Cancelling the show anywhere after the beginning of book 2 would be a terrible thing.

Now let's talk about this week's episode ...Read more
Aug 10, 2014
Outlander S01E01 "Sassenach" Review

Fans of Diana Gabaldon from all around the world waited over 20 years to see the tv adaptation of Outlander series. This day has finally come. And I'm very happy to say all my hopes were fulfilled. "Sassenach" was a masterpiece, a love letter to Claire and Jamie story. If I were to give each episode a score (which I won't cause I will love every one of them) I would give the pilot probably 11 out of 10 points.

As many of you I have read the books and I know what will happen next. However ...Read more
Mar 19, 2014
Welcome to Lallybroch
First of all - thank you staff for creating the community for Outlander and using the name Lallybroch...
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Ronald D. Moore's "Outlander" is based on the bestseller book series by Diana Gabaldon. The show follows the story of World War II nurse, Claire Randall who inadvertently time travels to 18th century war-torn Scotland. There she meets young Jamie Fraser, a man who will change her life forever.