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Outlaw Star

Cartoon Network (ended 2001)



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Outlaw Star

Show Summary

Outlaw Star is about Gene Starwind, a guy who aspires to be an outlaw. He soon ends up with the most advanced spaceship in the galaxy, the Outlaw Star. The Outlaw Star has very advanced technology. It's a ship that was built by a cooperative of the Space Forces and the Pirate Guilds. Gene and his crew go on a quest to find the Galactic Leyline, battling space pirates along the way. Outlaw Star is the American dub of the Japanese anime produced by Sunrise.
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  • An all time classic show.

    Gene is a petty crook but generally a good guy who by a few random acts of chance ends up with the most advanced ship in the galaxy. With this ship; the Outlaw Star Gene and his ragtag crew go on a quest to find the Galactic Leyline and along the way battle numerous enemies.

    This is a great action packed space set show. It has interesting characters and some very good plotlines throughout. The fight scenes are good and the character dynamics work really well. All in all it is an excellent show with some very good qualities and one that should be enjoyed by more people.moreless
  • the only way to describe this anime is perfection.i fell in love with this much over looked anime when it first aired on cartoon network's toonami.even now i consider it to be on of the best anime's since tirgun and cowboy bebop.moreless

    wow! this anime is just mind blowing is'nt it?.i mean from it's ironic and witty hummer,to it's great classic love story and it's over the top action sences.Even now i wonder if i'll ever see another show like it.Hope not cause this show is my favorite anime.the one thing that did get my attention in outlaw star was how at first you don't really think of it as a love story.untill you see the developing love story bettween gene and melfina.then theres gene the classic character you know the type of character thats put in to one strange situation after another.well all"N"all the show is still and will always remain as one of the best animes i'll ever see.moreless
  • I remember recording this show when it aired on Toonami every day on VHS.

    Outlaw Star has an exciting plot with fun characters. It has an old feel to it, but at the same time it takes place in the future. It made me laugh a lot, but simultaneously this show had its serious moments. With lots of action and a bunch of awesome gadgets, Outlaw Star continues to satisfy the viewer. This is definetly an Anime that would be good for a starter show, but if you've seen a lot of space/futuristic Anime's you'll probably get a little sense of de ja vu. Luckily for me, this show was one of my first Animes, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a show definetly worth having in every collection.moreless
  • One of the greatest.

    It's about a man named Gene Starwind who drifts in space and ends up meeting these people I forget there names and they must stop these evil brothers the Mcdougal brothers from taking over the world. For a Sci-Fi anime this has action in it and I especaly like the names there all named after famous people a lot of people claim this rip's off Cowboy Bebop it doesn't at all it came out before Cowboy Bebop even so Cowboy Bebop does not rip off Outlaw Star either I really wish I could re watch this show I would love to see this again so I give this the same rating gave it.moreless
  • Yes Bring it back I want to see more, thats just ain't fair how they tease you with one season.

    I just finish watching all of the first season on myspace videos because youtube didn't have them, which was a surprise to me but watching the entire first season over again was great and it reminded me of the shows I missed and the whole reason behind outlaw star. At the end when Gene gets to make a wish and he should of asked for money to pay off his debt, I don't know what he was thinking about only wishing to have mellfema, he should of wished for both. This show was action packed and one season is just not enough for me and I don't know why it was enough for the creators so I say bring it back because the next season will be worth it.moreless

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