Outlaw Star

Cartoon Network (ended 2001)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Return To Space
      Episode 26
      Gene confronts Hanzanko in the vault of the Leyline, mysteries are answered, wishes are granted and the eventual showdown commences in the final episode of Outlaw Star.
    • Maze of Despair
      Episode 25
      After being hit by the transporting light, Gene and his crew, the McDougalls, Gwen Khan, and the Antens have all been separated and stuck in different parts of the strange land, all searching for the Leyline.
    • 2/15/01
      As they reach the location of the Leyline, will the crew of the Outlaw Star arrive first, or will their enemies be there to stop them from unravelling the secrets of the Leyline?
    • The crew stop at Planet Tenrei, a place famous for its hot springs resorts.
    • Gravity Jailbreak
      Episode 22
      Gene goes to prison on a heavy gravity world so he can find a man who knows the location of the Leyline.
    • 2/12/01
      Thinking they have found the location of the Leyline, Gene and his crew investigate a deserted planet with a mysterious temple.
    • 2/9/01
      The Outlaw Star is attacked by a pirate ship with unusual abilities. When they stop for repairs, Jim makes some new friends, but soon ends up returning with Gene to battle the pirate ship, with tragic consequences.
    • 2/8/01
      The group run into trouble with the military police who suspects them of being pirates. While Gene has to put up with the tough alien official named Duuz, the pirates they were fighting earlier launch an attack on the base. Can Gene and his friends escape and help out the base, at the same time?moreless
    • Gene and crew are called back to Heiphong where Fred Lou enlists Gene's help to prevent Fred's marriage to "the strongest woman in the universe".
    • 2/6/01
      The McDougall brothers return and set a trap for Gene. Luckily, Gene has his friends, who once again, back him up in a sticky situation. We also learn more about Harry's secret: who he really is. Part of this episode revolves around Melfina, who is trying to learn more about her own background.moreless
    • 2/5/01
      A old man hires Gene for a salvage mission to an underwater planet where a ship full of dragonite, a priceless mineral, has sunk. Along with Gene, Melfina, Jim and Aisha, take on the challenge. However, something big is guarding the treasure and a personal vendetta from the old man also plays a part in this undersea adventure.moreless
    • The Seven Emerge
      Episode 15
      The Anten Seven, a group of deadly pirates, determine to kill Gene Starwind, in response to a number of their men having been killed by Gene. They send one of their top assassins to deal with him.
    • Final Countdown
      Episode 14
      Having no choice but to accept a tugboat job, Gene, Jim and Melfina go out to retrieve an advertising satellite, only to find themselves embroiled in a sinister plot.
    • Advance Guard from an Alien World
      Gene and Jim set up shop in Heiphong to make some money but all they get are small jobs which barely pay anything. Fed up with Gene's pickiness Jim, along with Mel, decide to do a job from Fred Luo without him. Aisha also gets a job herself while Gene goes out on a date with the planner of the space race. Strangely enough all these events soon come together when a giant bug and a alien cactus get into the mix.moreless
    • 1/30/01
      Gene accepts a challenge from Harry McDougall to meet the El Dorado. When he arrives at the location, he falls into Harry's trap.
    • Adrift in Subspace
      Episode 11
      While participating in the Space Race, the Outlaw Star is being attacked and Gene must escape a deadly metal wave.
    • 1/26/01
      Gene signs up for the Space Race with the sponsorship of Fred Luo.
    • 1/25/01
      Gene has the ship stop off at a station called the Toward Stars Inn, where he and Jim go after a bounty worth 1,000 wongs.
    • Forced Departure
      Episode 8
      Gene has been poisoned and Suzuka and the crew of the Outlaw Star try to find a way to save Gene's life.
    • Creeping Evil
      Episode 7
      After being back on Sentinel only a few days, Gene and Jim are trying to find methods to raise money to upgrade and repair the Outlaw Star. Not to mention, they need the money to pay off outstanding debts. The methods Gene and Jim try to make money are the hard way and the easy way. Jim is trying to find jobs that easily come to him and Gene is willing to find any big bounties that come out. During the job hunt, they are attacked by pirates.moreless
    • 1/22/01
      Gene and his companions return to Sentinel 3 and Gene visits a friend of his, Fred Luo. When a deadly female assassin who uses a wooden sword comes to kill Fred, can Gene stop her?
    • 1/19/01
      Gene and crew return to Blue Heaven and negotiate a way to paint their ship with its new name, the Outlaw Star. Meanwhile, Gene finds out that a new enemy is after him!
    • 1/18/01
      Gene and his friends find the XGP ship on the asteroid. Will they be able to fight off the pirates and escape?
    • 1/17/01
      In order to escape, Gene, Jim, Hilda and Melfina have to fight off a robot, pirates and a representative of the Ctarl Ctarl Empire.
    • The Star of Desire
      While trying to understand more about the girl in the suitcase, Gene, Jim and Hilda must escape the pirates, together with the newly awakened girl, Melfina.
    • Outlaw World
      Episode 1
      The show introduces the characters of Gene Starwind and his young partner, Jim. They are soon involved in an adventure, after meeting a mysterious woman named Rachel (aka Hilda).