Outlaw Star

Season 1 Episode 23

Hot Springs Planet Tenrei

Aired Unknown Unknown on Cartoon Network

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  • The only episode ever to be banned from television. And a pretty funny one as well.

    Too bad this episode was banned from tv. Despite what Adult Swim has stated you must watch this episode to avoid any confusion about the episodes 24-26. You can still watch this episode however in order to you must purchase Outlaw Star collection 3 Dvd or Outlaw Star : Complete Collection or Outlaw Star : Perfect Collection. This is the only way you can watch that episode unless you can find it online.

    Unfortunately for all of us they could not edit this episode without totally ruining the episode for television broadcast.

    If you look at the Notes that are accompanied by this particular episode you'll know why.

    Overall this is a pretty funny episode. I give it a 10 out of 10.
  • If you haven't seen it, you don't know what you're missing!

    Hot springs, ancient sorcerers and exploding porn, oh my!

    Outwardly, this episode seems silly and chock full of fanservice, though most of the fanservice is aimed at male fans. But this is only the surface of the episode and there is actually quite a bit of history thrown in. Not the random filler episode that most anime have, "Hot Springs Planet Tenrei" delves into the history of castor shells and why they have all but disappeared. There is also one of the Anten Seven after them, but he's usually foiled by some extrodinary circumstance caused by Gene an company.

    I didn't see this episode until I bought the DVDs and then completely understood why it wasn't aired. However for those who were really captivated by the story of the series, this is a must see. Just make sure the kiddies aren't anywhere near the TV.
  • Looking past all the \\\"Fan Service\\\" if you may call it that this episode is very good, it told you the history of the caster shells.

    This was a great episode, as one of the Anten 7 chased Gene and his crew but to no avail he always gets stopped by some uncontrollable force in some funny way. It reveals the history of the caster shells and the 3 wizards who makes them. Also how Gene gets the special shells he from them that he used in the last two episodes. Even though at first it seems this episode really doesn\\\'t have a meaning it does, which Cartoon Network either failed to see or just didn\\\'t want to go through the hassle of editing it. There also a reference to the original manga it was based off of.