Outlaw Star

Season 1 Episode 25

Maze of Despair

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 2001 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

After being hit by the transporting light, the OS crew, the McDougalls, Gwen Khan, and the Antens have all been separated and stuck in different parts of a strange land. The voice tells them there is only one path and each person starts to move forward. Pretty soon, each of the OS crew run into the remaining Antens and face off, successfully taking them down though Aisha and Suzuka get knocked out. While all this is going on, Harry reaches Melfina first and consoles her, however, Hanzanko interrupts the moment. Harry tries to battle him but gets knocked down. Afterwards, the Anten leader explains to Melfina her purpose (she is the key to opening the Leyline) before locking her into a device that then opens the vault. A little while later, Gwen reaches the vault to find Ron there, crying over his broken brother. When Gwen approaches, Ron angrily blames him for everything. Gene soon arrives, directing Ron's anger toward him. Ron tries to blast him with a caster, but Gene uses his "special" caster shell to take care of Ron, though it costs a bit of his own life force (Gene found this out earlier, when he fought Hanmushi) and Gene faints. After having a vision of past events and images of Hilda and his dad, Jim wakes him up. The two have a heart to heart moment before Gene sends Jim back to the ship while he enters the vault. Inside, he finds Gwen stuck at the entrance of the vault, with no way in, at least until a half-dead Harry arrives and volunteers to open it by using his cyberspace connection. While in cyberspace, Harry finds Melfina and shares his feelings with her before saying good-bye, while, at the same time, opening the gate. Harry's final request to Gene is to ask to Melfina to sing him her beautiful song (Melfina's theme song). Gene promises to do so as he runs further into the vault.