Outlaw Star

Cartoon Network (ended 2001)





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  • the only way to describe this anime is perfection.i fell in love with this much over looked anime when it first aired on cartoon network's toonami.even now i consider it to be on of the best anime's since tirgun and cowboy bebop.

    wow! this anime is just mind blowing is'nt it?.i mean from it's ironic and witty hummer,to it's great classic love story and it's over the top action sences.Even now i wonder if i'll ever see another show like it.Hope not cause this show is my favorite anime.the one thing that did get my attention in outlaw star was how at first you don't really think of it as a love story.untill you see the developing love story bettween gene and melfina.then theres gene the classic character you know the type of character thats put in to one strange situation after another.well all"N"all the show is still and will always remain as one of the best animes i'll ever see.