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In this NBC show (executive produced by Conan O'Brien and John Eisendrath) Supreme Court Justice Cyrus Garza (Jimmy Smits) gives up his lifetime appointment after being frustrated with flaws in the legal system. Hoping to change the system from his private practice, Garza and his team use inside knowledge of the legal system to help "the little guy". Each case takes them around the country to some of the most difficult and controversial issues. A playboy and a gambler, Garza has more than his legal battles to deal with.


    Syfy's Being Human Earns a Second Season

    Plus: Jimmy Smits is the new mayor of Los Angeles, Damon Wayans is a radio shock-jock, and MTV brings a classic back from the dead.


    Summer TV on free-to-air

    Just a few days of ratings to go and then it's all but over for 2010.

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    • Was and still is an interesting premise. But take Smits out, and the show just falls flat.

      I'll give the show a few more goes before I jump ship. But Smits just doesn't convince me of his playboy arrogant lawyer shtick. What makes the show worse is that the team he puts together looks forced. Too altogether goofy. Think "Shark". Which also had potential, a piecemeal team, and a lead with personal problems. The difference? James Woods is believable as a arrogant fast talking defense layer. Smits comes across as not being sure what he wants to be. Which is exactly what this show is presenting to us. It cannot even decide what it wants to be. A poor procedural law show, or a drama based around a man with personal problems.

      This show desperately needs better character development. Quickly! I expect much more out of Smits, he could carry this show if he so chose too. Plus it's not that he hasn't had similar roles in the past. He could do this in his sleep. Unfortunately, it looks as thought he is sleeping through it. The way law shows come and go so quickly on network TV, something needs to happen ASAP for this show to survive.

      My recommendation, give it another few shows to see if there is any character development. If there is none, go watch Season 3 reruns of Dexter. You'll get Smits at his best, in a similar role, and a satisfying ending.moreless
    • Not every show has to have an alternate universe !

      Personally, I love this show. Smart premise, very in line with society's frustration with the politics of today. Smits' character is everything it should be. A Supreme Court Justice who suffers from bad decision and his own vices. The show raises a lot of great social issues and presents some interesting discussion. I would have given the show a 10 but Smits and the female P.I. are the only 2 characters worth my attention. Build out the other characters, deepen their connections and we'll see a larger viewership.

      It is unfortunate that NBC put the show on hiatus. So many other shows on TV right now that could be axed instead. Would love to see the show finish out an entire first season to build its viewership.moreless
    • Why cancel a solid show? Retribution @ Conan O'Brien (producer) after the Tonight Show mess??

      First of all this is a great show, I just love it, but once again NBC dropped the ball. They air it on a Friday night and when the ratings are not up to their liking they just cancel it after 4 short weeks.....this reminds me of trying everything to get rid of Conan on The Tonight Show. Instead of giving it an outside chance they panicked and finally Conan decided to leave. Back to Outlaw, it's a fine show, great cast, good stories, not your typical law show when they always win their cases. In this they don't always win and they make a good case at both sides of the story.

      A show that could've been somewhat popular, was dropped really fast, it's a shame cause it had a lot of potential. Can the producer bring it to a REAL network?moreless

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