Season 1 Episode 2

In Re: Officer Daniel Hale

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on NBC
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An immigration stop that ends with a police shooting an American citizen leads Garza and the team to Arizona. However, the client Garza takes on is a shock to the entire team. While Eddie agrees the team should take the controversial case, Al doubts his decision to join Garza in the first place. On a personal front, Mereta finds an ally in Lucinda, who encourages her to make a move on Garza.moreless

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    Tim Griffin

    Tim Griffin

    Officer Daniel Hale

    Guest Star

    Deirdre Lovejoy

    Deirdre Lovejoy

    US Attorney Karen Ruckeyser

    Guest Star

    Adam Harrington

    Adam Harrington

    Dr. Jeffrey Engler

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • The most salient argument for the defense was that it was a justifiable shooting by the officer because the suspect resisted arrest and assaulted him. Yet Garza never made that argument during the case.

      • When Garza decided to accept the case, he did so without asking the defendant any detailed questions about what happened. So he really had no idea if he was innocent or guilty.

      • The title of the episode, taken as the title of the court case, is incorrect. The proper name of the case would be US v. Daniel Hale.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • (Entering the Judge's chambers during the trial)
        Judge Crane: I've had enough bickering. I swear, you two are worse than my wife, and she's the bickering Grand Champion.
        Ruckeyser: I'm sorry Your Honor, but this tape is admissible.
        Garza: I agree. Assuming we no longer have the Constitution.
        Judge Crane: The raw facts are against you, Mr. Garza. Bottom line: that car was a space provided by the government for conducting official duties. The statements were made in the course of those duties.
        Garza: And that's all it takes?
        Judge Crane: I think so.
        Garza: Great. (Putting a tape recorder on the Judge's desk) Then, you won't mind me playing this for the press? Or your wife?
        (Plays Judge's bickering Grand Champion remark.)

      • (After hearing Garza's recording of the judge complaining about his wife's bickering.)
        Judge Crane: I'm not amused, Counsel.
        Garza: Why not? I mean, it's not like I needed a warrant. We are standing in a space provided by the government for conducting official duties, and your statements were made in the course of those duties.
        Judges Crane: (pauses) Make your point.
        Garza: My point is, you expected what was said in your office to be private, so did my client. A cop's car is like his office, and there's federal case law to support that.
        Judge Crane: Fair enough. The tape is out.
        Garza: Thank you, your Honor.
        (Garza reaches for his tape recorder, but the judge grabs it.)
        Garza: (leaving the chambers) I'm gonna need that back.

      • Eddie: That was Garza. He wants us on the next flight to Tucson.
        Lucinda: Why?
        Merita: Why? A man was just racially profiled and almost killed! You didn't think Garza was just gonna let that happen?
        Lucinda: I'm sorry. My mind can't process anything that earnest. Seriously, I think I just blacked out.

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