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Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 2010 on NBC
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Playboy and conservative Supreme Court Justice Cyrus Garza surprises everyone when he quits his appointment to pursue justice his own way. His first case back in private practice, which inspired him to leave the bench, challenges him to save the life of a man on death row who has exhausted all of his legal options. Garza must rely on his team including his best friend since childhood Al Druzinsky, himself a brilliant attorney, although a liberal and defense one; loyal law clerk Mereta Stockman; unorthodox private investigator Lucinda Pearl; and ambitious Yale graduate and new clerk, conservative Eddie Franks. Hints of dangerous enemies made by turning maverick against the system are for now only in his periphery, but Garza charges ahead with his team behind him and his sights set on justice.moreless

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  • Liberal masturbatory fantasy-Conservative Supreme Court Justice resigns to pursue 'justice'-somehow knows instinctively that prisoner on death row is innocent.Everyone missed what his team will no doubt find. Ho hum -yaawwwnnn-A complete dud.moreless

    See above. The reason NBC didn't promote this show is self-evident. It may go down OK in Washington, Massachusetts, Ca and New York but the acting is weak, the characters are lifeless and the plot is predictable. (Jimmy Smits is almost wooden and his voice is different for some reason - he seems to be forcing his dialog)) - the show even manages to promote a typical ACLU viewpoint in the early stages and later incorporates the old CSI trick, i.e., actual time of death of the victim depends on the temperatures the body endured while it was lying undiscovered. Lord save us from this predictability! Naturally nobody had ever thought about this in all the years before or during numerous appeals, all of which likely involved infallible ACLU legal minds. Insipid show and bound to sink really fast.moreless
  • I can't recommend this

    Camerawork : minus

    Editing : minus

    Acting : plus Story : questionable

    Another lawyer show. Save us from this fantasy heifer dung. Real law is far more nasty, and disgusting. If the audience ever sat in a court room for two weeks, they'd never watch lawyer shows again. Or at least categorize them as fantasy / fiction, and not drama.

    The production was typical trendy hand held shaky cam, jump cuts, swoops, zooms, attention deficit disorder editing, and irritating. Get a tripod. NAIL down the camera. STABILIZE the image. SLOW down the cuts.

    It was unwatchable on an 8' screen. Even when shrunk down to 4', it was still ugly radio.

    The pseudo liberal story line didn't help anything, either. Characters were shallow - but that's to be expected in a pilot. In short, I am not entertained. My time is too valuable to waste on this pain in the eye.moreless
  • A Hopeful Pilot

    This show reminds a lot of a short-lived ABC program called Injustice. I hope this one lasts longer than the other one because I think it's off to a good start and I always like to watch a show where Justice prevails.

    There are a lot of innocent people behind bars and it's always good when the powerful medium of television is used to shine a light on facets of society we'd rather not look at. I think most of us enjoy a good story and this was a good story.

    There was a lot made in the program about liberals and conservatives and it seems that our culture today is split along political lines and every issue is politicized, but Justice is not political. No one wants to see an innocent man in jail, never mind on death row.

    I know that there are a lot of dishonorable Officers of the Court and it's easy to be cynical, in fact it's almost encouraged, but to see a person who is willing to stand on principle and fight for another human being because he believes in his innocence is uplifting. Just because these sorts of people don't make the newspapers doesn't mean they are not out there. I enjoyed this show because it was hopeful.

    I didn't care for the sexed up stuff because it was irrelevant to the story, but that seems to be unavoidable these days. I'm looking forward to Episode 2.moreless
  • An excellent show. Truly worth watching.

    Outlaw may be seen as a little implausible and some are all too critical of its somewhat liberal biases. Outlaw reminds us that the system is full of injustice and at the center of this injustice is politics. It reminds us that the decisions of the Supreme Court are as much about politics as they are the law. Whether it's abortion, gay rights, segregation, or slavery, the views of the Supreme Court since the 60s have been rather different than they used to be. What changed? It wasn't the constitution, but the politics and the personal prejudices of those appointed to the court. Outlaw highlights how politics and conservative justice still pose a danger to the innocent. From the pilot, we have already seen how the arrogance of the police and prosecution to admit even the possibility they may be wrong, alongside the failures of defense attorneys to do their jobs adequately and the unrealistic strict-constructionist interpretations of the law, can all lead to injustice. I look forward to episode 2.moreless


Gregory Beale

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Bryan Scott Johnson

Bryan Scott Johnson

Judge Richard Denner

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Eric T. Petersen

Eric T. Petersen

Stan Zaret

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Melora Hardin

Melora Hardin

Claire Sax

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Richard Portnow

Richard Portnow

Senator Sidney Vidalin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Jimmy Smiths and David Ramsey both appeared together on "Dexter" during the third season.

    • Goof: Cyrus says the prosecutor broke the law by failing to reveal that the defendant was on a certain medication. The prosecutor very likely didn't know what medication the defendant was on, since it would be up to the jail officials to decide his medication. Further, the prosecutor wouldn't be under any obligation to disclose this even if he knew, since it wasn't evidence of the crime. In addition, it would break the prisoner's right of privacy disclosing his medical treatment publicly.

    • Goof: Lucinda says that it was okay to hack into the county jail log because the information would be public knowledge anyway. However, a prisoner's medical information (which is what she got) would be confidential.

    • Goof: If exculpatory evidence is presented in the appeal of a conviction which the judge deems credible, the procedure would be to order a new trial for the convict. The district attorney would then decide whether or not to re-try the case or drop the charges. The prisoner would never just be freed.

    • Goof: The cop wouldn't have been arrested following the court hearing since the evidence hadn't yet been examined or processed, and witness statements hadn't been taken by the cops. All they could have done after the hearing is opened an investigation.

    • Goof: An imprisoned convicted felon would not be released directly from the court even if they are exonerated. They still go back to prison pending the issuing a written court order and the processing of paperwork releasing the prison's custody of the defendant.

    • Supreme Court Justices do not announce from the bench which cases they take or reject.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Eddie: Sir, the case has been briefed. We- we're not allowed to look for tidbits.
      Garza: The prosecutor broke the law.
      Eddie: If there was misconduct the defense had eleven years to find out. They didn't. Just because Beals only has three meals left, doesn't mean we get to change the rules in order to grant him a new trial.
      Garza: (Picking up a deck of cards) Alright, five bucks says I can cut the Ace of Spades. One cut. No looking.
      (Takes a knife and stabs into the deck. Spreads cards out and shows Eddie the Ace of Spades with a cut in it.)
      Follow the rules. Doesn't always lead to justice. When that happens Eddie, you gotta change the rules.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Featured Music:
      "Who Do You Love?" by George Thorogood (When Garza is playing cards in the casino)
      "Street Fighting Man" by The Rolling Stones (at the end of the episode when Garza and Al play basketball)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Canada: September 14, 2010 on Global

    • Outlaw was originally scheduled to premiere September 24th with a "Special Preview" of the same episode on September 22nd. The network moved it a week earlier so that the preview came after the finale of America's Got Talent on September 15th to capitalize on the success of that summer show.

    • Casting
      - Jesse Bradford was the first to be cast in the pilot as Eddie Franks, "a short, tightly wound Brooks Brothers conservative", clerk to lead Garza.
      - Jimmy Smits was cast just after Bradford to headline the show as Garza.
      - Carly Pope and David Ramsey were cast in mid-March. Pope plays Lucinda Pearl, a private investigator who likes to wear boots and a black leather jacket. Ramsey is Al Druzinsky, Garza's oldest friend and "a brilliant defense attorney".