Outlaws (1986)

CBS (ended 1987)




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Outlaws (1986)

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Sheriff John Grail was mad - we hit a bank in his town. Harland Pike, me - Wolfson Lucas, William Pike, and Isaiah "Ice" McAdams, known collectively as the Pike Gang. Grail had once been partners in crime with the four of us, but now all bets were off. The showdown was interrupted however by the Allmighty, who sent us all sailing into the 20th century, and what a century it was! But we weren't what you would call ordinary men, so we dug in, tried to adapt, and started a detection agency to put beans on the table and in the process ran head on into Deputy Maggie Randall. Things may be different this century, but there's plenty of work to be done because one thing is bound to be true - the bad hombres will always outnumber the good. In 1886, the four members of the Pike gang and their ex-partner, Sheriff John Grail, meet in a dead-end gully over an Indian graveyard and a burst of lightning catapults them all 100 years into Houston in the future. Forced to band together, the five start up the Double-Eagle Detective Agency and, with the help of Lt. Belford, fight crime with a unique Old West sensibility.moreless