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  • Whose In Charge?

    You've got to be kidding! This is the worst family sitcom I have ever watched! It's not entertaining to watch a set of parents with the worst parenting skills I have ever seen! This show is a prime example of why we have children who have no respect for anyone in authority. The kids are so disrespectful and undisciplined! The parents have no idea of how to raise children. The very fist episode describes it all. Clearly Ben needs a time out in the worst way. However, it is very unlikely that Ben would stay in timeout if he were put there! What a brat! I wanted to spank his bottom from the very first time he opened his mouth! The parents are not in charge and it is not healthy for our society to hold up these parents as an example to follow. If these people were a real family, I could predict with great accuracy that Ben would end up in Juvenile detention centers at a very early age and that would be the cycle of his life! The eldest is a brat as well! Why would you depict parents walking on eggshells around this overgrown brat, so afraid to make him upset if they said or walked or acted in any way that he would interpret wrongly! The youngest is such a sweetie but won't be for long. They have already taught her NOT TO LISTEN TO ANYTHING THEY SAY! They are constantly giving their children direct with the children clearly doing everything but what they are told! I have seen inept parents like these two in real life and it is very annoying and is the worst way to parent. The children are not disciplined in anyway! That seen with the dad trying to get the drill away from the brat, Ben, with him totally refusing to the point of the two having a tug of war with a dangerous tool! I am shocked that it did not start and injure one of them during the tug of war! The dad finally was able to get the brat into the car using bribery! BRIBERY! You've got to be kidding! Yes, this show is a prime example of what is wrong with our world today! What kind of adults do you think these brats will grow up to be? Adult brats of course!
  • This show is an instant British classic! The improvisational nature really works in the hands of all of the cast! *****

    I was first drawn to watch this show as Hugh Dennis was attached and after his impossibly brilliant portrayal of Dr. Piers Crispin in 'My Hero' (might i add the saving grace of that programme) and his regularly hilarious appearances on 'Mock The Week', the concept of him starring in a part-improvised Sitcom (without canned laughter) seemed too good to be true. Indeed the idea of an improvised script (poosibly borrowed from HBO's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm') which involved children, brought a new twist!

    Upon watching the series my expectations were totally surpassed. Not only does it appear that this programme could have been filmed around a real-life family, but Hugh Dennis (Pete) and Clare Skinner (Sue) are quite possibly outdone by Ramona Marquez (Karen) and Daniel Roche (Ben), two young actors who have potentially good careers ahead of them! From Ben's calling his dad a stranger in public to Karen's toy version of panel-based reality-tv competitions, every episode had me in fits of laughter, which isn;t detracted upon repeat viewings!!

    This truely is the British sitcom gem that we have been waiting for and all we can do now is play the waiting game for series 2!!
  • A Comedy Gem

    A brilliant comedy with brilliantly played parts.
    About Two parents bringing up their three kids with all the problems most parents will be all to familiar with. Questions that are asked innocently but you know you can't answer truthfully, misbehavior, bedtime struggles. Some of the comedy in this show is second to none. There's easily a laugh a minute. Karen is my personal favorite. She always has something to say, whatever the situation. Then there's Ben. the hardest one to control, always full of energy and misbehaving. And finally Jake. The eldest in secondary school starting dating but wont admit it. Thinks he's responsible.
    If you ever have time look out for this show. You won't regret it. This is comedy that won't age!
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