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  • This show is an instant British classic! The improvisational nature really works in the hands of all of the cast! *****

    I was first drawn to watch this show as Hugh Dennis was attached and after his impossibly brilliant portrayal of Dr. Piers Crispin in 'My Hero' (might i add the saving grace of that programme) and his regularly hilarious appearances on 'Mock The Week', the concept of him starring in a part-improvised Sitcom (without canned laughter) seemed too good to be true. Indeed the idea of an improvised script (poosibly borrowed from HBO's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm') which involved children, brought a new twist!

    Upon watching the series my expectations were totally surpassed. Not only does it appear that this programme could have been filmed around a real-life family, but Hugh Dennis (Pete) and Clare Skinner (Sue) are quite possibly outdone by Ramona Marquez (Karen) and Daniel Roche (Ben), two young actors who have potentially good careers ahead of them! From Ben's calling his dad a stranger in public to Karen's toy version of panel-based reality-tv competitions, every episode had me in fits of laughter, which isn;t detracted upon repeat viewings!!

    This truely is the British sitcom gem that we have been waiting for and all we can do now is play the waiting game for series 2!!