Outnumbered - Season 2

BBC (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • Season Two - Episode Seven

    The family have a restless night after Ben has a visit to casualty. Karen is writing a letter to the Prime Minister asking for her teacher to be fired. Jake tries to think of some alibis to avoid seeing his girlfriend. As the night goes on, Sue gets some upsetting news concerning her dream boss, annoying noises come from next door and there is a visit from the police.

  • Season Two - Episode Six

    Ben falls foul of a hardline football referee, while Karen becomes worried about the exact whereabouts of Satan. Sue continues to battle against the supermum next door, Pete is asked to write some propaganda, and Grandad is alarmed about shows which look down people's toilets.

  • Season Two Episode Five
    The parents plan to have a quiet night out, but things are made difficult when Karen claims they are being financially irresponsible by dining out during a credit crunch, Ben is refused entry to an imaginary restaurant, Jake is advised not to invade Russia, and it is discovered that Pete has been doing something unsettling on the internet.moreless
  • Season Two Episode Four
    Pete and Sue find themselves trapped in their own living nightmare - stuck in a foreign airport with three bored children and an increasingly senile grandfather. Karen asks Pete about al-Qaeda, Ben is interviewed by security staff about the contents of his bag, and Grandad goes missing.
  • Season Two: Episode Three
    Sue and Pete try to compete with next door's "Supermum" by turning off the TV and having a traditional family Sunday playing games. Matters are complicated when Grandad comes to stay after he burned his kitchen.
  • Season Two - Episode Two

    Pete and Sue have money worries. Sue stands up to a friend who uses them as a free babysitting service. The mother next door shows up with a perfect family to make Sue feel inadequate and Jake makes a new friend.

  • Season Two - Episode One

    Pete and Sue face lots of problems when the family attend a wedding.

  • 2009 Christmas Special
    It's Boxing Day in the Brockman household and Santa has paid a visit, along with some burglars. Karen is obsessing about her missing hamster, Ben causes havoc with his toy mechanical hand, Jake and Sue, are trying to find grandad Frank as he's gone missing from his retirement home. Pete is preparing dinner for guests, some welcome, some not.moreless