Season 5 Episode 1

Season Five - Episode One

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2014 on BBC
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Season Five - Episode One

Ben and Sue try to cope with Karen having a hard time at her new school, Ben wanting to be in a music (despite not being able to sing) and Jake making dubious decisions.

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      • Jake: Mum, I'm 17. I'm old enough to decide to die for my country, I can choose to get a tattoo.
        Pete: Well, you're not very likely to die for your country, although you are quite likely to die from septicaemia.

      • Pete: What are you doing?
        Jake: Psychology essay.
        Pete: While watching TV, listening to music and Facebooking.
        Jake: I'm multi-tasking.
        Pete: There's no such thing as multi-tasking, just doing lots of things badly. The correct term is "multi-failing".

      • Karen: She's a horrible teacher. She's obsessed with apostrophes.
        Pete: Apostrophes are important.
        Karen: No, they're not. Everyone gets them wong and they slow you down when you're texting.

      • Sue: So how did the audition go? With the, eh, singing?
        Ben: Brilliant.
        Sue: Good. Right. So...so you got a part?
        Ben: Yeah.
        Sue: Right. Which one?
        Ben: I'm Spartacus.
        Pete: No, I'm Spartacus!
        Jake: (from the living room) I'm Spartacus!

      • Pete: See that chin? Kirk Douglas. We had proper film stars back then. Proper men. None of your pasty-faced pretty boys who're all cheekbones and can only play vampires.
        Jake: You left out the bit about how the tigers weren't all built by computers.
        Pete: Well, I still say that Life of Pi would have been a lot more exciting if he'd been trapped in that boat with a real tiger...certainly a lot shorter.

      • Karen: Try telling that to the morons at my school.
        Pete: Did you call them morons?
        Karen: Yes.
        Pete: And did that make them back off?
        Karen: No.
        Pete: No, Generally, telling people they're morons doesn't really help, especially if they're morons. 'Cos morons are notoriously slow to catch on.

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