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Season 5 Episode 2

Season Five - Episode Two

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2014 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Season Five - Episode Two

While Karen prepares for a swimming gala, the house is suddenly full of little experts, whether it's Ben on psychology or Jake on parenting.  Meanwhile, Sue declares war on her printer.

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      • Jake: (Talking about Pete) He's too vague. He says bear left, when there's loads of lefts.
        Pete: There was one available left.
        Jake: Well, I think I proved that was untrue, didn't I?
        Pete: But that left was a canal.

      • Pete: (Talking about Karen) What if she doesn't win?
        Sue: Well, it'll be good for her.
        Pete: I'm not thinking of her. I'm thinking of us.
        Jake: Yeah, think what kind of week we'll have.
        Pete: Oh, God. Do you remember Black March, when she lost that game of Risk?

      • Sue: (Talking about Karen)She's in a foul mood. she picked up a detention today for commenting on the Deputy Head's moustache.
        Pete: Oh, right, so the Deputy Head is ultra-sensitive about his moustache?
        Sue: HER moustache.

      • Ben: Just imagine what it's be like to be in Pompeii when Vesuvius exploded. Imagine being mummified in an embarrassing position. 'Cos you would have thought that at least one person would be on the toilet.
        Pete: Well, if a volcano's exploding, I imagine most of the town would be on the toilet.

      • Sue: I mean, all the normal parenting techniques have never worked on Karen. Not the blackmail. Not bribery. The threats.

      • Ben: Dad, come and check this out. It's a thing psychologists use, it's called the inkblot test.
        Pete: Is that the one where they work out someone's innermost feelings by spilling ink all over the table?
        Ben: What?
        Pete: You spilt ink all over the table!
        Ben: Anyway, all you have to do is, you have to see if you can find any shapes.
        Pete: I see Mum.
        Ben: That's interesting, because Freud thought that every man wanted to kill their father and sleep with their mother.
        Pete: Yeah, well, Freud never met my mother...
        Ben: So you can see your mum in this?
        Pete: I said Mum. Your mum, my wife. Look, I can see her face. She's screaming. She's screaming, "What prat spilled ink all over the table?"

      • Ben: There's no such thing as accidents, that what psychologists reckon. What they mean is, remember when I was little and I had that accident in Hastings?
        Sue: What, when you fell off the pier?
        Ben: Yeah. That must have happened for a reason.
        Sue: Yeah, and the reason was, you were doing cartwheels on the handrail.

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