Season 1 Episode 5

The Mystery Illness

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2007 on BBC

Episode Recap

Ben does not want to go to school – he never does on a Wednesday apparently as it's swimming day. He tells his parents that he has a deadly virus. Pete tells Ben that liars are always caught. Whilst he is at school, he tells the new nurse that he is ill and is sent home.

Pete tries to talk to Jake about the bullying, but Jake tells him to "chill". Jake later reveals that someone has taken his mobile phone.

Angela visits. Her boyfriend has ended their relationship. She tells Jake all about her sadness. Later, Sue asks her to stay for dinner.

Pete tells Sue that he has been questioned by a journalist, but insists that he only said "no comment". He also tells her than one of his friends has given up work and gone on a trip around the world. He suggests that would be something they think about doing. Sue does not seem to like the idea,

Veronica hassles Sue about a printer, that she wants Sue to procure. When Sue finds out that the printer is for personal use, she resigns.

Jake shows Pete the local paper, which has printed an apparent interview with him. The interview does not look good, especially as Pete has been told not to talk to journalists.

Sue thinks it's time celebrate, as she tells Pete that perhaps they should go on that trip. When the phone rings, Sue thinks it will be an apologetic Sue, Pete knows different.

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