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Outrageous Fortune (NZ)

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Outrageous Fortune follows the trials and tribulations of the West family as they try and go straight after a life of petty crime. It's a daily struggle as they discover that living life the right way isn't always easy or rewarding, and that it's a constant struggle to deny your true nature. There's father and husband Wolf, who has just been sentenced to time in jail and Cheryl, his long suffering wife who tries to keep the family together and obeying instead of breaking the law. Then there's the kids. Twins Jethro and Van who are identical in looks, yet chalk and cheese in the brains department; 18 year old Pascalle dreams of being a model and the manipulative 15 year old Loretta is a social outcast who loves films and is smarter than she pretends to be. The family is joined by Wolf's father, Grandpa Ted West, who plays up his old age to annoy people and get away with all kinds of mischief. In addition to airing in New Zealand, the show has been sold to networks in England, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Australia, Slovenia and Croatia. It has also aired on the Australia Network, a cable channel that plays throughout South East Asia and the Pacific. It has also spawned several overseas versions, including the show Honest in the UK and Scoundrels in the US.


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    • wow, love this show

      I started watching this show with my husband and couldn't stop. So much so that I will love to visit New Zealand as soon as I have an opportunity, I am from Miami Florida. Love the cast and how the chemistry worked between all of them. Love this show hope it comes back.
    • outrageous fortune is my all time favourite show thats come out of the southern hemisphere!!!

      its a show that has a character which would remind u of urself in some way...and its totally original, something new, nothinf cliche, freakin hilarious!!

      first u got the mum (cheryl), who despite her efforts of goin straight, continually pulls her family bak into line.

      she realises that her family needs to stay away from crime, seeing that her husband wolfs four year jail sentence is simply treated as a work hazard.

      she then continues to get into a relationship with the cop judd, who put wolf in jail.

      while van, the son, and a twin, gets a job, and falls for all the wrong chicks (besides arora), and his stoner mate munter has always got his bak.

      the other twin, jethro, is resented by his other siblings, is out of the nest and becoming a lawyer

      the ditsy sister pascelle is trying to be another rachel hunter, wanting to make it big

      the evil, devious youngest plans on making her life fun by making everyone elses not so fun,

      and then there granpa, or ted, who seems to be senile, but at the same time fully aware, and has the best one liners!!

      and the islander mechanic falani, the dads mate eric hus got a crush on cheryl,

      its the best show ever, will leave u in tears of laughter every episode, and never seems repetitve like most shows out there!!

      it just keeps gettin better and better!!!

    • Cheryl west decides that her family is going to give up the crime business once her husband gets sent to jail. Which is quite hard epically since there whole lives have been about crime.moreless

      The best comedy that New Zealand has ever produced. My favorite character would have to be van because he is hilarious and stupid. I also really admire Cheryl I think she is a strong character and is really the base behind the story. Ever since I watched the pilot I was hooked. Finally New Zealand has made a decent program with reasonable acting it. Being a New Zealander myself it's quite good to be able to say that the show came from here. Well done to the creators you have done an exceptional job and made and enjoyable and hilarious television show.moreless
    • This is in my opinion the best show to come out of New Zealand in a long long time. It is one of those shows that seems to normalize crime and does a good job in doing so, but does not endorse it so to speak, it is a must seemoreless

      This is one of the few, if not the only New Zealand show i watch, although i know New Zealand has talent, alot of talent it is my opinion that most of the time it is not shown well. The likes of Shortland Street causes some embarrassment in believing that it came out of New Zealand.

      With the much anticipated season 4 starting in a couple of weeks It seemed the perfect time to post my review.

      Unlike most hour long shows, this one has episodes that follow straight on after. The acting in this is superb, especially Anthony Starr who plays both Van and Jethro West. He does double the work but his performance through out have been great, especially considering the personalty difference of both characters.

      The story lines are great and interesting.

      You must see this show!moreless
    • Outrageous Fortune tells the story of the West Family who after being career criminals for generations are trying to go straight. If you are a fan of shows like Weeds or Arrested Development I'm sure you will enjoy Outrageous Fortune.moreless

      After Wolfgang West is sent to prison Cheryl West decides her family are going straight but trying to get her kids to abide by the new "rules" will be a problem. Jethro is a lawyer (but not as honest as his mum thinks), his twin Van may not have the same academic skills but he does have street smarts. Sister Pascalle wants to be the next Rachel Hunter and 15 year old Loretta, who is the smartest of all of the West siblings, just wants to be able to live her own life (which includes blackmailing the school principal to not report her days off). Throw in alzehimer stricken Grandpa, who keeps thinking his grand daughters are his late wife, and you have an original, smart, funny series. If this is shown in the US defiantly reccommend if not Rob Thomas (of Veronica Mars fame) is working on a U.S remake if it is half as good as the original you are in for a good time!!!!!moreless

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