Outrageous Fortune (NZ)

Season 3 Episode 10

These Feats So Crimeful

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2007 on TV3
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These Feats So Crimeful
The Wests take sides as Judd faces trial, and Pascalle fears for the honour of her bridesmaid.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • This episode features several shots of the Huia suburb in Auckland including the Huia General Store (now known as the Huia Food Store).

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Falani: (when Van attempts to sell a second Doslic van to him) Mental illness in one so young- a tragedy.

      • Loretta: I've got a really weird feeling, like I almost feel sorry for Draska. (pauses a few seconds) Yeah, it's gone. You want another beer?

      • (Loretta and Cheryl have just found Sparky in the mountains, and he's painting pictures outdoors in the nude)
        Cheryl: Sparky, it's us
        Sparky: Cheryl West?
        Cheryl: Yeah, and Loretta.
        Sparky: You're so pink.
        Cheryl: Well, it's a bit of a trek getting up here.
        Sparky: I can't talk to you. I can't talk to anyone. Oh, ****, I'm talking! My vow of silence is buggered!
        Cheryl: Calm down Sparky, of course you can talk to me.
        Sparky: He told me to stay away. Forever.
        Loretta: God did?
        Cheryl: No, Wolf did.
        Sparky: He said, 'Be gone. Speak to no one.'
        Cheryl: Since when did that bastard know everything? Ha! Anything?!
        Sparky: He was wrong about the church. The hewing of wood.
        Cheryl: Don't they deliver up here?
        Sparky: It's the trees, Cheryl. They don't like to be hewed, ripped from their beautiful mother, the earth. They're busy drinking from the great orb. Talking to God.
        Cheryl: You see, that's another thing Wolf was wrong about.
        Sparky: You think he's a false prophet?
        Cheryl: I think he's a lying prick and he had no right to do this to you!
        Sparky: It's been lonely up here even with the trees.
        Cheryl: (grabbing a blanket to cover Sparky) You know what I think you need Sparky. You need a nice hot shower and a lovely home cooked meal.
        Sparky: You'd give me those.
        Cheryl: Yeah, sure, if you'd come with us.
        Sparky: Would you give me something right now, Cheryl?
        Cheryl: What's that, Sparky?
        Sparky: Would you hold me? Would you put your lovely pink arms around me?
        Cheryl: Sure, why not?
        (Sparky hugs Cheryl tight and starts to sniff her hair)
        Sparky: Ooooohhh! Ripe, Oh lovely. Oh, it is so very good. Oh, great God.
        (Cheryl pushes Sparky off her)
        Cheryl: Okay, yeah righto, righto.
        Sparky: (pointing to Loretta) Do you smell as good?
        Loretta: (backing away from Sparky) No! No ****ing way!

      • Loretta: Well, no one's heard of anybody who answers to the name of either Sparky or Barry Gibbs....
        Cheryl: ****!
        Loretta: ...But a few months ago the dairy owner had a disagreement with a hairy man over the change for a bottle of lighter fluid. The next day his rubbish bin mysteriously burnt down.
        Cheryl: He's here.
        Loretta: (looking at the surronding mountains) Yeah, or somewhere up there.
        Cheryl: But where?
        Loretta: (pointing to smoke coming from the mountains) How about there?!

      • Cheryl: Get in the car.
        Loretta: What?
        Cheryl: We're going to find Sparky.
        Loretta: No, mum he stinks of kerosine and is always playing with himself.
        Cheryl: Well I can't drive and read the map at the same time so get in.
        Loretta: Yeah, great, bloody wonderful.

      • Judd: Where there's smoke, there could be Sparky.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Robyn Mlacolm (Cheryl) and John Leigh (Sparky) have some very intimate scenes in this episode, but their previous acting experiences together made it easier. Robyn and John played ex-spouses Pauline and Alan on the critically acclaimed but lamentably short lived comedy Serial Killers just before Outrageous Fortune began filming.

      • Music Featured In This Episode:

        "Gutter Black" - Hello Sailor (during the credits)
        "Oh Oh My My" - The Have
        "It's All Downhill From Here" - Darcy Perry Band
        "Winter Blues" - Darcy Perry Band
        "The Best For You" - Age Pryor

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • These Feats, So Crimeful:

        This is from Shakespeare's Hamlet Act 4, Scene VII. Laertes asks King Claudius, "but tell me why you proceeded not against these feats, so crimeful and so capital in nature..."