Outrageous Fortune (NZ)

Season 3 Episode 5

What Did You Enact?

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2007 on TV3
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What Did You Enact?
Pascalle reveals all for love as Loretta makes her erotic masterpiece. But can Cheryl and Bruce be kept out of the movie business?

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Benedict Wall

Benedict Wall


Guest Star

Tammy Davis

Tammy Davis


Recurring Role

Nicole Whippy

Nicole Whippy


Recurring Role

Jacob Rajan, MNZM

Jacob Rajan, MNZM

Dr Bruce Khan

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Kasey: (on why she's going to break it off with Munter) Every good guy I've ever let into my life sells my car to pay for their drugs! Or have affairs with their prison guards!
      Cheryl: It's nothing to do with you.
      Kasey: It is! I take good men and turn them into bad men!

    • (observing the filming of Loretta's movie, which includes a lot of talking so far, and no dick)
      Hayden: Do chicks actually dig this bollocks?!
      Kasey: Are you kidding? This is hot! No ****, I'm getting wet just standing here.

    • Loretta: (when Kasey shows her a costume for Pascalle) Where's the back?!
      Kasey: There isn't one.
      Loretta: So, she walks around all day with her ass hanging out?!
      Hayden: Guys like asses.
      Loretta: Erotica, Hayden for woman!
      Kasey: I'm a woman, I love chicks' asses!

    • Hayden: (arguing about whther the film is to be porn or erotica) Loretta, she is not your sister today, she is just an actor in a film about actors ****ing other actors!
      Loretta: We've talked about this!
      Hayden: Yes, but at no time did you even mention 'no dick'!
      Loretta: There'll be dick, you'll see dick! Just not going in and out of Pascalle!
      Hayden: It's a porn film! Dick going in and out is what it's all about!
      Loretta: It's erotica, for women, for the last time! And this just shows how little you know about women.
      Hayden: I'm sorry?!
      Loretta: Woman want beautiful bodies, and danger, seduction and the scent of sex. Not 'going in and out'! (as Hayden stands stunned) It's not your fault. Your family owned brothels, you grew up around hookers. You wouldn't know any better. But I'm in charge now, and it's your money you're wasting standing here chatting. (she walks away as he remains stunned)

  • NOTES (3)

    • Antony Starr appears as Van in this episode, but not as Jethro.

    • When asked about filming the Lesbian sex scene, actress Nicole Whippy (Kasey) said, "Are you kidding?! Getting to do a sex scene with Siobhan Marshall in season 3 was like winning the Jackpot."

    • Music Featured In This Episode:

      "Gutter Black" - Hello Sailor (during the credits)
      "Deepwater" - Sola Rosa
      "Sea World" - The Phoenix Foundation
      "Sweet Love" - Autozamm
      "Got a Girl" - The Black Seeds (when Bruce gets pissed and starts putting the moves on Pascalle)
      "Beach in Cali High" - Gasoline Cowboy (when Pascalle and Bruce make love)


    • What Did You Enact?:

      This is from Shakespeare's Hamlet Act 3, Scene II. When Lord Polonius tells Prince Hamlet he used to do some acting, Hamlet asked, "What did you enact?"