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  • Remember quite enjoying it

    This is right around the time when NBC started to lose its steam and its not cause of this show, its because it got cancelled. I wonder if there will be more Indians on TV that are not apart of their stereotypes. Shows like My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, Community, Office, and maybe Parks Rec. All aired in 09. Where's the comedy night gone? :\ Undateable has great potential and yet its going to Fridays this fall, wtf (2010-2011) NBC
  • Nevr thought call centre can be that amusing!!

    I am an indian but this show is awesome right from chemistry that asha and todd shares ,immune voice of madhuri, and cutoo gupta's comments on climax of situation its a perfect blend guys .

    Suggestion: in one show todd should go to america with all of his team .
  • One of my all-time fav's, hands down

    THere's something about this show that had me glued to the TV when it was on... I didn't care if I laughed, cry, sat with a dumb expression - I didn't wanna miss one minute of it. I learned about Indian culture, I felt everything the characters felt. What does NBC want for its shows that this one didn't bring to the I wanted to see Asha and what's-his-face and how their rel-ship was going to blossom :(. I was very, very bummed out that it ended. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease bring it back! Pleeeease!
  • One of the best ever

    This is one of the best shows I've seen, and it's a real downer to see it's been canceled. Fantastic characters, and all the potential to run it for 10+ seasons. Shame on you to cancel it!!! I've even would've accepted to watch the cursed commersials if you kept it going!! Start it up again (has that ever occured?????) or I will have to have to throw my tv out as a protest!!!
  • Three hours I'll never get back

    Ick. I really gave this show a chance (6 episodes) but my IQ was dropping with each episode. This show appeared, on the surface, to be about comedy arising from a fish-out-of-water scenario. I thought it would involve seeing Todd fumble with his ignorance about Indian culture. Instead we got some American flag-waving, as this show makes the entire country of India look stupid when compared to Todd. This show borders on being overtly racist. And could they have found a more bland, white-bread actor/character than Ben Rappaport? You could replace this guy for an entire episode with a cardboard cut-out and nobody would notice. Good riddance.
  • Solid Show. Sad to see it go.

    Outsourced was a solid show but had it's rough patches. But that can come expected in a show's first season. It's a shame that the show was cancelled, and it's idiotic that people complained about the show because their job was outsourced. Like the TV show had anything to do with it. Unbelievable that NBC pulled this show than replaced it with Whitney.
  • Best new show I've seen in a long time.


    It's a shame this show was cancelled. My whole family loved this show. It was a very light-hearted comedy and each character was unique. It was also very easy to warm to each character, even the 'villain' Rajiv.

    One thing I also appreciated was learning some of the traditions and culture of India. I wouldn't have known some simple gestures would be seen as offensive/ harrassment and it was just nice to also realise how hard it is there and how we take certain things for granted.

    I hope another network picks this show up. It's very different from the other shows out there and it's entertaining for the whole family.

  • not the best but very entertaining. i really wish for the show to continue. i love learning about other cultures

    the show is not the best on tv, but its very entertaining. i love learning about other cultures. tv shows should not focus on laughter only, its always good to learn about the differences in cultures without offending anybody. this show did exactly that, a humor without offending Indians nor Americans. i really wish for this show to continue, the show has potential and the characters and very lovable. i like when i see a show to learn a thing or two, and i did learn a lot from this show about the Indian culture and i would love to learn more.
  • This show is one of the best television shows I've ever watched. The acting is great, the writing is intelligent and funny, the music fits and the production is extremely well done.

    This show has attracted me like MASH did years ago. The difference is this show doesn't attempt to make a statement about anything except humor. It does introduce the viewer to life in India, but that's an aside from the object being to entertain.

    The actors are extremely talented and play their parts well. Many of them have talents above and beyond acting, which are used in some of the episodes. Each episode is like watching part of a continuing movie, but it's not necessary to know what has happened in earlier episodes to watch newer ones.

    Without streaming, I would have never watched this show. After watching one of the more recent episodes, I went back to watch from the beginning.

    I'm hooked :-)
  • Outsourced TV show on NBC

    I really liked Outsourced very much. Very sad to see it has been canceled. I liked the characters and was hoping more episodes would be airing on NBC. I loved the last episode of Rajiv's Wedding. I would like to see how Todd and Asha would evolve. I wish there was a website to bring back Outsourced would sign the petition. Too bad they moved the show to 10:30 they had a great spot at 9:30 before. NBC is making a big mistake by canceling Outsourced. The show was very entertaining and light hearted fun. I will miss the show very much. It makes me sad.
  • So sad this was cancelled!

    I loved this show! It was so nice to see something different on a sitcom for a change. The scenery and music were refreshing, and the writing and acting were superb. I guess in its place we'll end up with yet another 'lifestyle' show the networks seem to love right now. Too bad the network killed their own show by moving it to the 10:30PM time slot. You know we all need to know what some D-list, nobody, lame quasi-celebrity is up to. This show deserved better treatment than it got from the network, and I would love to see another one pick it up and give it another shot.
  • Refreshing idea for a show and it could be great if the writers decide to try a little harder.

    I really don't get why people say this show is racist. Two minutes of Family Guy offers more racism than the entire season of this show. I mean, really? Did you even bother to watch it? It's about understanding and appreciating the differences in our cultures. Western Culture is so different from Asian Culture in so many ways that a lot of good-humoured jokes are expected to be generated from this alone (something the writers should try). Todd struggles to understand the new environment he's in while everyone else struggles to accept Todd's view of the world. Both sides become good friends and what we are watching is how they manage to do that and how they will come to realize that they're not so different after all. I'm aware that I've made it out as if it were a drama but it's a comedy show so expect to laugh a little.

    I admit that it could do with a little more "ooomf" in the comedy area and even more in the character development section. Other than that, it's decent TV with real potential! Hopefully it gets better in time.
  • There's simply much better comedy right now on TV.

    Well Outsourced, the show everybody's panning for being the stereotypical, boring portrayal of India, is to some extent, true. But it's not the stereotyping that made me wave it off, which in fact, is the only reason I found any charm or laughed in this half an hour. If it were another Office, I wouldn't even watch the trailer, which isn't even funny as it is.

    What put me off was the lackluster cliche dialogue, cliche storyline, and the fact that there are many other things on TV that aren't so... well cliche to say the least. I mean, the only reason I stated is because my parents watch it each week, and I just sat in one time. So my point is if you're planning on "trying it out," now mid-season for some strange reason, watch some 30 Rock. Or Community. The good NBC comedies.
  • An amusing show that so far isn't much like the film that inspired it.

    This series is based on the 2006 movie of the same name, which was a film that I truly enjoyed - while poking fun at some of the misunderstandings that happen when cultures collide, it also made a strong effort to highlight some interesting factors of Indian culture in thought-provoking ways. As of writing this the TV series is only a few episodes in, and I am enjoying the humor - however so far it appears to be 100% about the cultural jokes, which is probably going to get old fast if they don't move towards more of the original formula. I'll be watching for a while with hopes that this might happen.
  • An alright show

    There is no arguing that this show is original or creative despite a promising premise, but it isn't as bad as people make it out to be. The jokes aren't offensive, they are just cliched and repetitive. However, the show has a certain charm and some interesting supporting characters. Given enough time I really think it could develop into a way funnier show than what it is at right now . I think once they get over all the contrived plot lines there will be more character driven humor which should be at the heart of comedy shows. I'm willing to keep watching even though it could be better.
  • Stereotypes are frowned upon in a socially correct climate, but Outsourced has managed to make 'stereotyping' not the least bit offensive while being very funny. We can enjoy laughing at characters and not cultures.

    Very funny show that just b-slaps stereotypes repeatedly: The good-natured but clueless American abroad, the over-sexed Ozzie, the elitist back-stabbing social climber, the hot/traditional mixed message girl, the never to be underestimated quite one, the classic geek, the single-minded horny teen, and the been there too long and still missing the point American. It just covers every spectrum of the 'stereotype' and it does it with much humor and wit. In fact, Outsourced resembles the similarly overly stereotypical British sitcom Mind Your Language which was very funny too and enjoyed much success in its day. In the future I think Outsourced will go deeper than just the surface 'stereotypes' but for now they need to pin down the show's identity and characters before moving further in the seasons (I hope) to follow.
  • Funny Show...

    I don't understand why people get offended by this ? Maybe next time someone airs "hogans heroes" I should sue that TV station... Or next time the hitler I mean history channel airs a show about germany I get offended and write my congressman.
    I work in IT, my job got outsourced and I work with indians who find this show as funny as well.

    get over it folks and laugh a little... the show makes fun of something that most of us went through calling a helpdesk or dealing with coworkers in other countries... personally I am waiting for the lines " Please do the needful" and " I have a doubt" to be implemented.
  • Unlikeable characters and dull jokes made this show a disappointment. Its not on the same level as other NBC comedies.

    I tried to watch the pilot of this show but I had to turn it off after about 5 minutes. It didn't grab me as a very interesting plot and the main character is extremely unlikeable! This show just isn't that funny in my opinion. I like other NBC comedies but definitely not this one. The insensitivity of the main character is annoying and makes Americans look ignorant and uncultured. I happen to love Indian food but this show made it seem disgusting and the setting/plot is too similar to the office (which it cannot compete with) because they both take place in a seemingly mundane office building. This show will grow old quickly if it depends solely on jokes about Indian culture and the American novelties. Its harsh but I kinda wish this show would just be cancelled, however thats just one opinion.
  • What an ethnocentric, offensive load of crap. THe main character is so sheltered and rude, that it's a complete mockery of both cultures. I can't believe NBC got behind this project. I couldn't be more dissapointed with popular american media today.

    What an ethnocentric, offensive load of crap. The main character is so sheltered and rude, that it's a complete mockery of both cultures. I can't believe NBC got behind this project. I couldn't be more dissapointed with popular american media today. I will never watch this again. The sheer magnitude of judgemental, un-cultured, and offensive stereo-types presented in this show is completely shocking for 2010. I can not believe a major production company put up money for this project. It is a sad day in american television when a pilot like this actually makes it onto T.V. I can only hope that there is no second episode and this will be forgotten about in a week.
  • Do you ever get irked when you call your bank about your credit card and someone with an Indian accent answers the phone? If this has happened to you, did you find any humor in the situation? If so, then have I got a show for you.

    Outsourced could have been a disaster but it seemed to me to be a solid comedy with some subtle nuance along with the more broad based slap stick. The land mines to avoid would be insensitive racial humor, and also, what do you do about the anger about the U.S. economy, and all of the jobs that are going overseas? That joke just isn't funny anymore. But in spite of or because of these problems, against all odds, it seems like it is going to be a success. It handles most of the ticklish situations with finese, and finds humor in an overseas call center in India.

    There is the yank sent over to manage the call center. He seems likable, like Jim on The Office. He has to pay off $40K in student loans, so he has to accept the job. Also, they have eliminated the U.S. Call Center for the novelty company he works for, so he has no choice. In the cafeteria he finds another yank who warns him about the food and offers a PB&J sandwich. He is familiar from the Drew Carey Show, and he has a strange name that I can't spell or recall exactly. Then there's a Australian who the guy says is stuck up, but of course she comes right over to the fresh faced dude and flirts with "the new bloke," much to the chagrin of the Indian Food hater dude. He thinks Australian women are hot since they are all descended from convicts. She says things like "we are out in the middle of Whoop Whoop" where a yank would say "out in the boondocks" or "the sticks." You can see one of the pretty young Indian employees, Aisha, watching with interest. Her name means hope, and when he met her he said "I aisha to see more of you." This is where the subtle nuance comes in. The look she gives as she observes the Aussie, her competition. There is an assistant manager who wants him to fail so he can get his job. He has a lot of comedy potential. Then there's Gupta. He is kind of a compulsive talker that annoys everyone. Manmeet, in spite of his unfortunate name, is the lonely young and inexperienced guy who likes red heads, blondes, and even brunettes. Hey, he basically likes all women, and wants to meet one so he can get married. I predict that he will be friends with the manager, in spite of an awkward introduction: "Manmeet? I'd hate to go in an internet chat room with that name." Then there is another woman who speaks in a whisper. She is from a lower caste, and the assistant manager hired her so the manager could fire her on his first day, and earn everyone's respect. To his credit he doesn't fire her, but instead gives her a chance to overcome her shyness. All his employees are kind of misfits, they are the B Team. Not the ones who work for the big call centers where they trained in the U.S. and can mimic their accents. The PB&J sandwich guy calls one of them over and asks him what are grits? "Why, grits ain't nothin' but ground corn. You know who makes the best grits? My mama," he says in a perfect Southern fried accent.

    Outsourced is funnier than the plastic puke they sell on the lower left corner of Page 23 of the catalog. Can't wait for the Slum Dog Millionaire parody, and the Bollywood musical episode.
  • An freakishly funny show that explores the western attitude and persception as reviewed by an Indian

    In completely agree with Noah Heninger (see below) that this show has great potential to be an awesome comedy.

    What Noah has shared in his review is completely spot on! The show must seem somewhat racist, but in fact, it is not. It shows, in a super comical way, the attitude of westerners downplaying the rights & respect of Asians, and in this case, Indians.

    Being an Indian (not from India, but from Malaysia), I have had my fair share of observing & meeting American expatriates behave. And our general Asian perception of these westerners are that they seem to have the "know it all" attitude, and lots of times, they aren't.

    Yes, not all are like this, but believe me, most of them are!

    From an Asian perspective, I personally don't find the jokes on culture (like the names for example) offensive at all since, like Noah mentioned, this comedy is really about making fun of the Americans' misplaced knowledge & lack of understanding. In fact, this show is really showing how we Asians do really feel about the Western expats in general.

    Put it this way, it's about two cultures colliding and people on both sides trying their best to understand each other and fit in - in a very comical way!

    Sum of it all - it's brilliantly hilarious!
  • The stereotypes are definitely there, but they don't overshadow the sharp comedy.

    I was surprised by Outsourced. I was expecting a mockumentary style similar to that of The Office or Parks and Rec, but Outsourced is more like a normal comedy show. For the record, that's a good thing. Although The Office and Parks and Rec are great shows, the style is bound to become overused and stale at some point, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that this show didn't go that route.

    The show is about a company manager whose call center was moved to India, where he has to move in order to keep his job. The show's humor seems to revolve mostly around the call center employees' lack of understanding of American culture.

    There is one thing that bothers me about this show, however. If the characters working in the office are the only people working in the call center, then where are all the calls going while they're goofing around? There's no one to take their places when they go on break, and there was no reference to another call center.

    Despite this, the show was rather funny. Some people might not appreciate some of the stereotypes, but I didn't mind them, as they made for some solid comedy. My review is based on the pilot, of course, so there's definitely room for improvement. None of the characters seemed to be particularly interesting, although they were funny. But this will no doubt be improved later in the show, and I believe that this show has great potential.

    I'll be watching Outsourced as it continues, and I'm sure it will improve. I hope that people will give it a chance, and not dismiss it for another crappy NBC show.
  • Fascinating, slightly controversial show with lots of potential.

    This show doesn't seem to be receiving a lot of love from critics or regular TV watchers. However, I think it still has a trick up its sleeve. I'm interested to see how the show unfolds, as I think subsequent layers of depth will be applied throughout the course of the season. No, the jokes weren't that funny, and yes, it was blatantly racist at times. However, I've seen plenty of unfunny pilots find their groove in later episodes and blast off to success, because what matters most are the characters and the actors who play them, even in sitcoms. In this case, I find each character both charming and fascinating, although admittedly one-dimensional. As far as charges of racism go, its tone shouldn't surprise even the most racially sensitive of viewers. The show is not making fun of Indians, but your misperceptions of them--hence, the cast is intentionally made to appear one-dimensional, namely to its rather insulated American TV viewers. Ultimately, I think this show is much more about "us" than "them". Because it is apparent that many viewers have not caught onto that, such is solid evidence that the show's satire is much more sophisticated and nuanced than trigger-happy channel hoppers may realize. I'm interested to see the more dramatic elements of this show play out because, like the movie it is based on, this seemingly light-minded piece of fluff will, I have no doubt, challenge us to re-examine ourselves, our beliefs, and our assumptions about ourselves and others, especially when those "others" constitute a nation that is ever rising to greater global prominence. Not only does this show have the likelihood of being very clever and funny, but once it dawns on you that we, the American TV viewers, are in fact the butt of every joke, you may decide that this little gem is not only worth watching, but actually important--which so many shows, new and old, fail or don't even attempt to do. I like a show that challenges me and makes me laugh at the same time.
  • Funny, but sometimes offending show is funny, but very corny.

    This show is a about a worker for a company called "Mid-American Novelty's" and is sent to India to train a bunch of customer service representatives. All I know is critics aren't liking it so far. This was only the Pilot, so things could pick up for anybody who didn't like the show. Well I know I liked it. While a lot of the jokes were racist or were over-used, I still found a lot of jokes funny. Some of you guys need to get your panties out of a knot. The show is for entertainment, and is not to be taken seriously. Although most of the characters on this show I'm not to fond with. I'll see over the next couple episodes how they develop the characters and see if they make the show a little less racist.