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  • Fascinating, slightly controversial show with lots of potential.

    This show doesn't seem to be receiving a lot of love from critics or regular TV watchers. However, I think it still has a trick up its sleeve. I'm interested to see how the show unfolds, as I think subsequent layers of depth will be applied throughout the course of the season. No, the jokes weren't that funny, and yes, it was blatantly racist at times. However, I've seen plenty of unfunny pilots find their groove in later episodes and blast off to success, because what matters most are the characters and the actors who play them, even in sitcoms. In this case, I find each character both charming and fascinating, although admittedly one-dimensional. As far as charges of racism go, its tone shouldn't surprise even the most racially sensitive of viewers. The show is not making fun of Indians, but your misperceptions of them--hence, the cast is intentionally made to appear one-dimensional, namely to its rather insulated American TV viewers. Ultimately, I think this show is much more about "us" than "them". Because it is apparent that many viewers have not caught onto that, such is solid evidence that the show's satire is much more sophisticated and nuanced than trigger-happy channel hoppers may realize. I'm interested to see the more dramatic elements of this show play out because, like the movie it is based on, this seemingly light-minded piece of fluff will, I have no doubt, challenge us to re-examine ourselves, our beliefs, and our assumptions about ourselves and others, especially when those "others" constitute a nation that is ever rising to greater global prominence. Not only does this show have the likelihood of being very clever and funny, but once it dawns on you that we, the American TV viewers, are in fact the butt of every joke, you may decide that this little gem is not only worth watching, but actually important--which so many shows, new and old, fail or don't even attempt to do. I like a show that challenges me and makes me laugh at the same time.
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