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  • The stereotypes are definitely there, but they don't overshadow the sharp comedy.

    I was surprised by Outsourced. I was expecting a mockumentary style similar to that of The Office or Parks and Rec, but Outsourced is more like a normal comedy show. For the record, that's a good thing. Although The Office and Parks and Rec are great shows, the style is bound to become overused and stale at some point, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that this show didn't go that route.

    The show is about a company manager whose call center was moved to India, where he has to move in order to keep his job. The show's humor seems to revolve mostly around the call center employees' lack of understanding of American culture.

    There is one thing that bothers me about this show, however. If the characters working in the office are the only people working in the call center, then where are all the calls going while they're goofing around? There's no one to take their places when they go on break, and there was no reference to another call center.

    Despite this, the show was rather funny. Some people might not appreciate some of the stereotypes, but I didn't mind them, as they made for some solid comedy. My review is based on the pilot, of course, so there's definitely room for improvement. None of the characters seemed to be particularly interesting, although they were funny. But this will no doubt be improved later in the show, and I believe that this show has great potential.

    I'll be watching Outsourced as it continues, and I'm sure it will improve. I hope that people will give it a chance, and not dismiss it for another crappy NBC show.
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