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  • An freakishly funny show that explores the western attitude and persception as reviewed by an Indian

    In completely agree with Noah Heninger (see below) that this show has great potential to be an awesome comedy.

    What Noah has shared in his review is completely spot on! The show must seem somewhat racist, but in fact, it is not. It shows, in a super comical way, the attitude of westerners downplaying the rights & respect of Asians, and in this case, Indians.

    Being an Indian (not from India, but from Malaysia), I have had my fair share of observing & meeting American expatriates behave. And our general Asian perception of these westerners are that they seem to have the "know it all" attitude, and lots of times, they aren't.

    Yes, not all are like this, but believe me, most of them are!

    From an Asian perspective, I personally don't find the jokes on culture (like the names for example) offensive at all since, like Noah mentioned, this comedy is really about making fun of the Americans' misplaced knowledge & lack of understanding. In fact, this show is really showing how we Asians do really feel about the Western expats in general.

    Put it this way, it's about two cultures colliding and people on both sides trying their best to understand each other and fit in - in a very comical way!

    Sum of it all - it's brilliantly hilarious!
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