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  • Refreshing idea for a show and it could be great if the writers decide to try a little harder.

    I really don't get why people say this show is racist. Two minutes of Family Guy offers more racism than the entire season of this show. I mean, really? Did you even bother to watch it? It's about understanding and appreciating the differences in our cultures. Western Culture is so different from Asian Culture in so many ways that a lot of good-humoured jokes are expected to be generated from this alone (something the writers should try). Todd struggles to understand the new environment he's in while everyone else struggles to accept Todd's view of the world. Both sides become good friends and what we are watching is how they manage to do that and how they will come to realize that they're not so different after all. I'm aware that I've made it out as if it were a drama but it's a comedy show so expect to laugh a little.

    I admit that it could do with a little more "ooomf" in the comedy area and even more in the character development section. Other than that, it's decent TV with real potential! Hopefully it gets better in time.