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  • Episode 16

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    S 1 : Ep 16 - 4/30/09

    Back from the trip with Hyeok-ju, Hee-su reads a letter from her father and remembers her dream as a child. She declares to Mr. Choi that she will quit her career as a singer and find something else to devote herself to. At a press conference for his solo debut, Hyeok-ju answers questions from reporters. After hearing from Man-jong that Hyeok-ju and Hee-su broke up, Sang-mi organizes Hyeok-ju's belongings at Hyeok-ju's waiting room. Hyeok-ju says to Sang-mi that he wishes the very best for her and Rex. Surprised, Sang-mi tries hard to pretend that she is totally unperturbed. Memories of the times Hyeok-ju had with Sang-mi all come back to him as he sings on the stage. Waiting for Sang-mi in front of the main stadium, Rex spots Sang-mi walking as he is getting inside his car. Rex takes a look around the main stadium and pulls out a ring to Sang-mi, saying that he is thinking of throwing a concert at this venue after two years or so, but Sang-mi rejects his proposal. Two years later, Gangster informs Mr. Choi that they signed a contract with another recording company and make plans to open a dance academy as they visit their previous practice room. Hee-su, who has become a DJ of a radio show, chats comfortably with Hyeok-ju as friends while the music is playing. Attending a college in the provinces, Hee-su comes to Seoul at the request of Seon-young. While drinking with Gangster members, Sang-mi sees Hyeok-ju again.moreless
  • Episode 15

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 15 - 4/30/09

    Sang-mi trips and falls while trying to catch a bus. Rex comes running to her, raising her up and tells her to just stay beside him as his stylist. After a quarrel, they go to have spicy rice cake. Rex stands with his eyes glued to Sang-mi who's enjoying the rice cake very much. Sang-mi is surprised to find a desk assigned to her at the office. Rex asks Sang-mi to a movie saying that he's got free tickets. At the theater, Rex and Sang-mi run into Hee-su, who tells Sang-mi that things aren't going well with Hyeok-ju lately. When Hee-su asks Rex if he is dating Sang-mi, Rex answers that he intends to. Mr. Choi instructs Gangster members to wrap up the promotion for their first album and follow individual pursuits until the second album is released. Choi asks Hyeok-ju if he can play the guitar, and tells him a solo debut for Hyeok-ju as a ballad singer must be arranged. Hyeok-ju refuses but Choi insists that he won't tolerate any longer. Hyeok-ju seeks Hee-su's advice on the dilemma and asks her to go on a trip with him next week. Hyeon-ju pretends to be cool as he starts a conversation with Sang-mi, whom he hasn't seen for a long while. Sang-mi asks how things are between him and Hee-su, and Hyeok-ju answers everything is just fine. While practicing his guitar, Hyeok-ju suddenly runs to his room and rips off the talisman Sang-mi sewed on his clothes. After hesitating for a while, he deletes Sang-mi's phone number as well.moreless
  • Episode 14

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 14 - 4/30/09

    After his performance, Hyeok-ju receives word that his father has collapsed and rushes to the hospital. Sang-mi, who learns about the incident while watching TV, becomes dazed. At the funeral, amid a swarm of reporters, Hyeok-ju greets the members of Gangster. President Choi tells Hee-su to pay her respects and leave. But Hee-su stays and helps out diligently, serving guests with food. Sang-mi declares that she will go to see Hyeok-ju, and Rex offers to give her a ride. Entering the funeral hall, her face filled with concern, Sang-mi finds herself blocked by a flock of reporters. Her eyes meet those of Hyeok-ju, who has been gazing at her. Outside, Hee-su runs into Rex. She reveals her disappointment by remarking that Hyeok-ju and Sang-mi must have been very close. After Sang-mi leaves, Hyeok-ju confides to Yeong-dal that he cannot get Sang-mi out of his mind. Nonetheless, he tells himself that he must not make things harder for Hee-su. At the premiere of his new single, Rex is perplexed to see that only a handful of reporters have turned up. Sang-hyeon observes that Mr. Choi must have had a hand in what happened, and that things will not be easy. Hyeok-ju stands in front of the tree where his father has been laid to rest. He hears his father's song and begins to weep. When Sang-mi arrives at the spot, she and Hyeok-ju sit with their backs against the tree and share a conversation.moreless
  • Episode 13

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 13 - 4/30/09

    Rex announces to President Choi that he is leaving Pride Entertainment. Choi warns Rex that he must sign over the rights to all his albums, but Rex, who is firmly resolved, tells Choi that he has no problems with it. Hyeok-ju informs Choi that he is seeing Hee-su again. To Hyeok-ju's surprise, Choi tells him to do whatever he likes, with the reminder that this is the second time he has done Hyeok-ju a favor. Hyeok-ju and Hee-su walk hand-in-hand along the darkened streets. They arrive at the batting range, and have a good time hitting balls together. Sang-mi, who comes to give Hyeok-ju his cell phone, stands motionless and watches them, before she turns away and leaves. Hyeok-ju is astounded when he hears that Sang-mi has left Pride Entertainment along with Rex. He seeks her out and demands to know why she didn't tell him sooner. Sang-mi tells Hyeok-ju that she will never see him again. At that moment, Rex gets out of the car. Hyeok-ju looks through the pictures he took with Sang-mi at the beach and reminisces about the past. While checking a text message from Hee-su, he comes across the messages Sang-mi sent to him. Sang-hyeon hands in his resignation and decides to help Rex, who signs with a new agency. Rex deletes Sang-mi's text messages to Hyeok-ju, and Sang-mi angrily chides him for his action.moreless
  • Episode 12

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 12 - 4/30/09

    Rex buys Sang-mi a mobile phone and on their way back, asks her if it is Hyeok-ju that she loves. Sang-mi doesn't answer but Rex smirks knowingly. Hyeok-ju waits for Sang-mi in front of her house. Though he thought about making up an excuse at first, he tells her honestly that he has met Hee-su. Hyeok-ju and Sang-mi have a good time eating noodles and doing other things. Seeing Sang-mi's heel chafed, Hyeok-ju says he will carry her on his back. Deprived of sleep, Hee-su takes a sedative habitually as she calls her father in New Zealand and leaves a message. Pride Entertainment is bombarded with requests for an interview with Gangster, but Sang-hyeon rejects the requests, saying that they will be no interview since the company is using a mystifying strategy for the time being. After a rehearsal, Hee-su secretly changes the CD for her song with an accompaniment track while the producer is taking a break. Hee-su gets on the stage feeling quite sure of herself. She sings well for a while but her breath suddenly begins to come in short gasps. Watching the scene, Hyeok-ju's face goes rigid. Footage of Hee-su's failed live performance floods the Internet and Hee-su apologizes to President Choi for having been so foolishly sure of her ability. Feeling restless, Hee-su keeps taking sedatives and collapses. Upon hearing the news, Hyeok-ju runs to the hospital.moreless
  • Episode 11

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 4/30/09

    Remembering what happened between him and his former manager, Rex tells Sang-mi about the time when he was kidnapped. Sang-mi asks Sang-hyeon about Rex's kidnapping incident. Perplexed, Sang-hyeon tells Hee-su to leave the room, but Hee-su pauses on her way out and eavesdrops on the story. Hee-su asks Rex why he told the story to Sang-mi, rather than to her, and if he doesn't trust her. Rex hurts her feelings by accusing her of only lip-synching on stage when she says she wants to be a real singer. Hee-su responds that she can now leave him without regret. Sang-mi is touched to see Hyeok-ju, who is there to pick her up, and feels happy thinking that he has read her mind. President Choi tells Sang-hyeon not to schedule any interviews with Gangster and keep them under wraps till their actual debut. While practicing his upcoming performance at the waiting room on the day of Gangster's debut, Hyeok-ju receives a text message from Hee-su, but he ignores it. Gangster's debut is a huge success. The members share the rapturous gratification of their debut with one another. Hee-su asks President Choi to give her a chance to perform live on stage and says she is willing to take a vocal test. While reading fan letters sent to Rex, Sang-mi finds a letter from a prison and hurriedly goes to Rex with it.moreless
  • Episode 10

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 10 - 4/30/09

    Disapproving articles about Rex come rushing out after a photo of him kissing another female singer is published. President Choi orders Rex to break up with Hee-su immediately. Rex asks Hee-su to a movie. Hee-su is very impressed and moved when she sees herself in a music video shown on a large screen. Rex suggests Hee-su that she should tell her true feelings at an upcoming press conference. Hee-su vacillates between success and Rex. President Choi, upon remembering what Hyeok-ju said to him at the outdoor concert before, instructs his assistant to find out about Gangster and to get their recent concert footage. Hee-su and Rex hold a press conference where Hee-su says, with great difficulty, that she is breaking up with Rex as tears run down from her face. Watching the conference on TV, Hyeok-ju goes to President Choi with firm determination, and demands that Choi sign the other members, too, because he simply won't debut without them. Gangster members march into the Pride Building. Hee-su is surprised to hear that Hyeok-ju and his gang are there to sign a contract as a music band. When Sang-hyeon tells Rex that he is now assigned to Gangster as their manager, Rex tries to maintain his composure to the best of his ability and congratulates him. Sang-mi is happy to join Gangster at Pride, but Choi says he can't hire her as the group's stylist because his company already has a group of professional stylists.moreless
  • Episode 9

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 4/30/09

    Things get friendly again between Hyeok-ju and Sang-mi as they play in the water at the beach along with the other team members. While drinking in front of the tent, Sang-mi hands over a photo of Hee-su to Hyeok-ju. Hyeok-ju says Hee-su is confident and charismatic, and asks Sang-mi if she thinks he's a fool for still thinking of Hee-su and not moving on. Sang-mi says she loved it when Rex simply looked at her with a smile. Assuring Sang-mi that she is actually quite attractive, Hyeok-ju looks at her quietly for a moment and then kisses her. The next morning, Sang-mi looks at Hyeok-ju with confusion, but Hyeok-ju says he doesn't remember a thing about last night because he drank too much and acts as if nothing happened. When Rex objects to a new commercial, President Choi orders Sang-mi in. Although Gangster members dance hard to promote their upcoming concert, people only yell at them to keep it down. Right then, Hee-su, who has come to meet Hyeok-ju, gets out of her car. Hee-su introduces Gangster to people who flocked around to see her, as Hyeok-ju and other members look at her with a grim look on their faces. Having brought Sang-mi to his home, Rex slides an envelope of cash across the table, saying that the money is to support Gangster. Though hesitant at first, Sang-mi takes it eventually, promising him that she will pay it back later. Hyeok-ju asks Sang-mi in a casual way why a girl would come looking for her ex-boyfriend, but Sang-mi only gets angry, asking him if Hee-su was there.moreless
  • Episode 8

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 4/30/09

    Gangster is quite confident on the stage now, while Sang-mi is working hard back at her side dish shop. While eating with Seon-young, Sang-mi suddenly wails, saying that she doesn't want to live like that. Hyeok-ju comes into her shop right then, astonishing Sang-mi. Hyeok-ju's asks Sang-mi to work as his group's stylist and she thinks hard about the offer. Remembering Hyeok-ju's words that Sang-mi could look much more attractive if she presented herself better, she stands in front of a mirror, holding out a dress in front of her. Rex goes to a restaurant where Hee-su is awaiting him. Rex says he has to leave because of a prior engagement, but he decides to eat with Hee-su. Gangster's members are furious to see the poor quality of their album. When they make a strong complaint to Mr. Park of the album's disappointing quality, Park simply protests loudly that he has complied fully with the contract. Standing in front of disheartened Hyeok-ju, Sang-mi encourages him. Gangster members decide to perform live on beaches and other popular vacation destinations, and they begin their 'tour' in a pleasant mood while singing along off the top of their lungs. Hee-su and Rex get a television commercial offer that requires the joint appearance of the two, but Rex declines it at once. On a beach, Gangster tries to get on a stage but things aren't as easy as they expected. To promote the group, Sang-mi gives away Gangster's album to vacationers on the beach.moreless
  • Episode 7

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 7 - 4/30/09

    Sang-mi begins dancing along with other trainees in front of the judges while Rex is just scribbling on a note with complete disinterest. Rex goes out to answer the phone and gets into an argument with President Choi over song selection. Rex stiffens at Choi's words that Sang-mi is his insurance and that she must be put through the next round. Realizing that Choi is only using her to threaten Rex, Sang-mi says to Rex that she will quit. Emotions well up inside her as she sells off her entire collection of magazine articles and videotapes on Rex to a thrift store. Man-jong and his gang at Pride Entertainment ask Sang-hyeon's help, because they are about to be kicked out of their dance studio. Sang-hyeon is only irritated, asking who let them in. Enraged, King Mart kicks a plant nearby and the whole place turns into a shambles in a split second. While drinking with his friends, Hyeok-ju suggests that they should start a music group made of background dancers since their chances of making it as singers are as good as anybody's. Cleanly shaved and dressed in a suit, Hyeok-ju says to his parents that he wants to become a singer and asks them to put up with him for just another half year. After a photo shoot with Rex, Hee-su asks Rex if he wants to join her for a meal and somebody takes a picture of the two eating together.moreless
  • Episode 6

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 4/30/09

    While looking for Rex, Sang-hyeon loses his temper with Hee-su who simply reported that she has seen him around. Hee-su holds her head up and says he shouldn't take his frustration out on her. Sang-hyeon says to President Choi that Hee-su still lacks star quality to become a solo singer. Moreover, Sang-hyeon asks Choi if he knew Hee-su and Hyeok-ju are dating. Choi summons the two to his office. Hyeok-ju snatches Sang-mi's hand and takes her to Choi, introducing her as his girl friend. Though baffled, Hee-su calms herself down and says she doesn't date a background dancer because her goal is not to debut in any way possible but to become a superstar. Not having heard from Rex for days, Hee-su sends a text message to him. At his reply that he's back, Hee-su looks everywhere to find him. While looking for Hee-su, Hyeok-ju is surprised to find Hee-su with Rex. Rex takes off, saying that he was there to get some fresh air. Hee-su says apologetically to Hyeok-ju that she wants to break up with him. Hyeok-ju asks her to stay but Hee-su says she doesn't love him. Dancing on the stage, Hyeok-ju gets enraged by Rex's comment and turns upon him in a fury. Hee-su makes her solo debut and Hyeok-ju says to his friends that he won't get on the stage any more.moreless
  • Episode 5

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 4/30/09

    Hee-su beams at Sang-hyeon's words that she will be introduced to the public at Rex's upcoming showcase for his new song, along with the premier of the song's music video. Hyeok-ju is upset to see a picture of Hee-su and Rex together but pretends to be unperturbed. Hyeok-ju picks up Hee-su at a dress shop and the two get into a quarrel. Seeing Hee-su trying to catch a cab, Hyeok-ju gets on his truck and takes off, leaving Hee-su behind. On the day of the showcase, Hee-su comes to the showcase all dolled-up but is shocked to find out that her appearance in the music video has been edited out. After seeing the premier of the music video on TV, Hyeok-ju rushes off to the venue, where he finds Hee-su exiting the building all by herself. Hyeok-ju holds her firmly as if to soothe her. Back to her original position as a background dancer for Rex, Hee-su watches Rex dancing with another partner from afar. Sang-hyeon gives a note to Sang-mi, who says she doesn't need it but Sang-hyeon assures her that it's only a matter of formality, insisting she should have Rex sign on the note. Sang-mi asks Rex if something happened when they were promoting his first album. Rex remains silent and simply looks at Sang-mi with a firm look on his face. Hyeok-ju makes a big deal out of Hee-su's repeated mistakes during dance practice. Out of the studio, the two take a walk together. Running across an outdoor stage, Hyeok-ju encourages Hee-su to sing on that stage. Though hesitant at first, Hee-su finally begins singing.moreless
  • Episode 4

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 5/4/09

    After the shoot in New Zealand, Hee-su says to Hyeok-ju that she will stay there a little while longer. She watches Rex walk away as she talks to Hyeok-ju on the phone. Sang-mi promises Hyeok-ju's team members that she will cook for them. Hyeok-ju is at a loss for words and asks Sang-mi if she finished her practice at all. On her way to her father's, Hee-su runs into Rex and decides to show him the way to Mt. Cook. At the studio, Hyeok-ju waits for Hee-su to call him just as she promised, but his phone remains silent. He calls her instead, but there is no answer. Hyeok-ju lets his stress out on Sang-mi who only asked him to teach her dance how to dance. At Hyeok-ju's sudden anger, Sang-mi bursts into tears asking why she can't be a dancer. Hee-su and Rex enjoy a relaxing time on Mt. Cook. Hee-su looks at Rex singing. Hee-su is hesitant to bungee-jump but jumps off with confidence emboldened by Rex's encouragement. While taking pictures here and there, Hee-su takes a picture of Rex and is surprised to find Rex looking at her, too. Sang-hyeon is uneasy to see Hee-su and Rex so close, and he puts his arm around Hee-su's when Asian tourists come near them. Hee-su and Rex decide to take separate flights back to Korea. Rex gives a key chain to Hee-su. Hyeok-ju goes to the airport to pick Hee-su up. He asks Hee-su if she met Rex when she stayed behind in New Zealand but Hee-su says she didn't.moreless
  • Episode 3

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 4/30/09

    Hyeok-ju is annoyed by Hee-su's practice with Rex as his dancer partner that he can hardly concentrate on his own routine. On the stage with Rex, Hee-su is nervous, her face is rigid and her moves are not as smooth as before. She ends up making a mistake. Sang-mi, shouting at the top of her lungs at her side dish shop, can't get her eyes off the TV screen when she sees Rex. While clubbing with Seon-young, Sang-mi hears from people that Rex is also at the club and she looks around to find him. At the club, Hee-su and Rex own the stage by showing spectacular dancing. President Choi decides that Hee-su should be Rex' partner in his new music video. Hee-su says thanks to Rex and takes off with Hyeok-ju. Offended by her sudden departure, Rex drives his car towards them but stops at Sang-mi's scream. Rex sees Sang-mi lying face down and asks if she is ok. Sang-mi is shocked to find Rex right in front of her. Sang-mi remembers that Rex once came to her father's hospital room. She waits for Rex at Pride Entertainment's office. Rex asks what she wants. Sang-mi answers that she wants to be a trainee of Pride Entertainment's dancing team. Sang-hyeon orders Hyeok-ju to teach Sang-mi. Sang-mi, with her leg limping from the other night's accident, follows Hyeon-ju and other team members. Hee-su and Rex depart for New Zealand to shoot the music video.moreless
  • Episode 2

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 4/30/09

    Hyeok-ju goes to Man-jong to learn how to dance. He begins practicing as soon as he enters the dance studio. After a highly successful showcase, the whole nation is enamored with Rex's charm. Hee-su is busy auditioning while working as a part timer. Two years later, Rex has become a superstar while Hyeok-ju goes on stage with Man-jong and the others as dancers. Hyeok-ju thinks hard as Rex suggests that he become one of his background dancers. The gang plans a birthday party. While waiting for Hee-su, they imagine Hyeok-ju confessing his feelings for Hee-su. Hee-su says that she failed at the audition and she will become a dancer instead. Hyeok-ju says Hee-su is still a superstar to him and the two kiss. The next day, Hyeok-ju and his friends run into Sang-hyeon at Pride Entertainment. Hee-su is surprised to see Sang-hyeon, but she greets him as if nothing happened. At the studio, Rex recognizes Hee-su and greets her. Hyeok-ju asks Rex if he remembers him, too. While Hee-su is changing in the restroom, Rex asks her if she wants his help to become a singer. Rex recommends Hee-su to his agency as his partner for his new music video. Hyeok-ju thanks Rex for his offer. However, Hee-su declines the offer, saying that she doesn't want to be simply picked out like that. Rather, she wants to make it happen on her own. President Choi suggests Hee-su start out as Rex's dancing partner, instead.moreless
  • Episode 1

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 4/30/09

    On a lazy afternoon, King Mart along with his gang comes looking for Hyeok-ju and challenges a fight. Hyeok-ju runs away, spraying water on King Mart. Hyeok-ju is caught by a teacher in charge of discipline. The teacher orders Hyeok-ju to the clean boys' restroom as punishment. Hyeok-ju's friend Young-dal is busy making up excuses for Hyeok-ju. Hyeok-ju's family moves into a shabby house in a hillside neighborhood. Hee-su shows up in front of them saying she has come to find her friend and asks if she can rent a room for the time being. At school, Hyeok-ju enters the auditorium where the weekly morning assembly is taking place. He finds out that he is selected as the recipient of the Pride Scholarship awarded by a scholarship foundation under Pride Entertainment. Enraged and humiliated, Hyeok-ju stands up from his seat. Rex says to Hyeok-ju that he must see things rationally, but Hyeok-ju shoves him and takes off. Hyeok-ju plays a videogame at an Internet cafe with a sour face. When King Mart gets on his nerves again, his suppressed anger explodes, giving King Mart a jump side kick. King Mart tries to dodge Hyeok-ju's kick but ends up falling from the stairs. The discipline teacher orders Hyeok-ju to enter a dance competition in King Mart's place and Hyeok-ju is frozen with shock at his order. Hyeok-ju, King Mart and his gang practice dancing at a subway station when Hee-su shows up and demonstrates a very difficult dance move. Hee-su comes to stay at Hyeok-ju's place and Hyeok-ju asks her to teach him how to dance. After getting a call from members of a crime organization, Hyeok-ju heads to a beauty shop where he runs into Hee-su. On the day of the dance competition, Hyeok-ju is nowhere to be found. Hee-su gives him a call. After much hesitation, Hyeok-ju finally goes up on the stage.moreless
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